if i traded my car the day my payment went in for the month, will i get m y paym

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    Blnknshp50posted 8 years ago

    if i traded my car the day my payment went in for the month, will i get m y payment back?

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    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    Usually the car company will do a reconciliation of what you should have paid and send you a refund check - it may not be exactly the same as the payment - but should be close. It often takes four or five weeks though - there's no harm in calling the company that you paid and asking them the procedure to get a refund.

    I note that Pendell2 explains it better LOL!

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    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    No, the company you paid it to will not directly send you a check back. But they do reduce the "payoff amount" by the amount of your payment.

         Check your paperwork with the dealer you bought your new car from. It will have a "payoff amount," by the dealer likely won't cut a check to pay off the loan until several days later.
        If you determine that the payoff amount is now lower than what your paperwork says, go back to the dealer and show that to them. You have a good basis for asking that the loan amount be reduced by the difference. Demand it of them.

         If they have already made the payoff, call the lender on your old car and determine how much was paid off.  If you can demonstrate to the dealer that they paid off less than the amount agreed, they owe it to you you make up the difference. But they likely won't unless you ask them.