independent repair shops recession. is it just our shop, or the small and indepe

  1. phil richards profile image52
    phil richardsposted 8 years ago

    independent repair shops recession.
    is it just our shop, or the small and independents only .

    in the last months,  independent shops has been taking such a toll on their operations.
    with some shops even closing it doors,
    when  would the system ever come to  help keep us alive,
    or are they  just neglecting us and enjoy taking our money in multiple formats.
    we need help to stay alive too.

  2. clairetjie profile image50
    clairetjieposted 8 years ago

    I think the keyword here is  "repair" people just dont seem to want to have their stuff fixed anymore, I hate buying shoes I usually wear a pair untill they are torn, and it took me a lot of effort to toss them in the garbage and buy a new pair, as the repair would have cost me maybe $10 and the new pair did cost me $110. But maybe a talk with a marketer will help get new marketing ideas to attrack more people. The shoe repair in my neighbourhood works along side with clothes alterations, and they always seem to have more than they can handle. Get fresh ideas or just give the shop a new paint job make it look newer. Just a thought.

  3. tamsing4him profile image74
    tamsing4himposted 8 years ago

    I believe this recession is affecting the entire collision repair industry; but, as with all smaller businesses--they are feeling the pinch much more than the larger independents.  I've worked for the same collision repair center for the last twelve years and although the business comes with its own inherant roller-coaster, the past two years have really put a crunch on capital spending.

    The good news....we are experiencing an improvement in the latter half of this year compared to last fiscal year.  I think this latest recession has forced us to rethink, rehash, and review the "status quo".  I think the old addage of "don't fix unless its broken" has found its way into the old "file 13".  Readjusting our belts and actually looking at our "belts" has given us a new advantage in this recession.  We are learning from our mistakes and finding new ways to increase our profit margins.


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