Looking for a new backhoe/loader for around 10k, does it exist?

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    bfourposted 7 years ago

    Looking for a new backhoe/loader for around 10k, does it exist?

    I was the grandchild of an excavation company, and was spoilded with the use of a 580K Case backhoe for most of my life, now that is gone. I am looking for a new tractor backhoe/loader with some power for around 10k or 200ish a month. Perfection would be a mini excavator and a skidsteer, but I am in the real world now. All I can seem to find is what I like to call "big lawnmowers" is there any company that offers a big framed tractor at a low price?

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    fourzyposted 7 years ago

    Good luck finding any new backhoe for that price. Here are some used Bobcat minis to look at:


    They have listings for just about any type of equipment you may need, but it is used rather than new.

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    Randy Godwinposted 7 years ago

    You will not find a good NEW backhoe for this price!  Better to find a good used backhoe and put up with the repairs.  Even the new ones will break down occasionally due to the very nature of the tasks they perform.

    Sometimes you can find a good used model which only needs the hydraulic cylinders rebuilt.  If you do this yourself you will save quite a bit of money and have a dependable machine.  This is a simple job if you are a hands-on type of person.  Learn how to do this here :