Do ghosts exist?? if so, give any of the incident u came across.

  1. saryujain0011 profile image60
    saryujain0011posted 23 months ago

    Do ghosts exist?? if so, give any of the incident u came across.

  2. tsmog profile image84
    tsmogposted 23 months ago

    I am not sure if they exist or not. I question it too at times. I do believe there are ghostly events. For instance seeing a glimpse of something repeatedly peripherally like a dark shadow. I know . . . can be explained with science especially being diabetic. But, still can be spooky at times with circumstances of events.

    I use to be into EMF signals at one time. Still am on occasions. I use to hear voices in my walk-in closet of the master bedroom of my mobile home. They were loud enough to hear from the back of the mobile home to the front where I watched TV. I could hear them standing in the closet too. Others visiting me could hear them too. We would have fun speculating this and that too.

    I would think it was an echo from neighbors oddly transitioning somehow to arrive. But, I looked to notice the lights off at the neighbor on that side of my mobile home, the two across the roadway, and the one behind me. Presumption is they were asleep. I would stand outside and listen to no avail. Go back inside and hear them. 

    Anyway, I bought the EMF meter for curiosity and as an experiment. Interestingly when there were voices it had a higher reading. I tried it on several occasions and the same result. There has not been a change in neighbors since. I still hear those voices. The same conditions with the lights are always out. And, the meter reading is higher.

    I bought the mobile home from a daughter. Both of her parents lived in it and both died in it. So, as seen my imagination ran with that. Although I am a skeptic by nature, I dun'no . . . And, yes the voices are annoying. I am pretty sure science can explain it. I just don't know how.

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    Bj Bonaobraposted 23 months ago

    Yes they are real and believe it or not they are among us but most of them don't want to do anything with us "livings",, some of them do not know they are dead and needed help for those who are gifted at seeing them, I can only see glimpse of them but not like shadow i can see them the way they look like.There are many things science cannot explain for instance how can science explain god?
    But my experience was, One night I was dreaming and i can literally
    see myself sleeping when i look around my room i can see things that i cannot see when i am in my physical body i can see children wandering around, old people looking at me curiously, u feel different when looking at them... remember being in a funeral  looking at the body in the coffin you can tell that a person is dead by simple just looking at them, you can tell that you ARE YOU CAN TELL YOUR FACING A GHOSAT BY SIMPLY JUST........LOOKING AT THEM