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Anyone have any good tips for saving money on car insurance?

  1. lender3212000 profile image74
    lender3212000posted 8 years ago

    Anyone have any good tips for saving money on car insurance?

  2. sportyfunster profile image67
    sportyfunsterposted 8 years ago

    You can try saving money in the following ways:

    - Shop around to see if there are better prices

    - In some places, if you have an alarm or a car immobilizer, they may give you an extra discount

    - Pay for what you need, for example, if you have a brand new car (1or 2 years old), you probably don't need to pay for road side assistance - ie towing

    - If you have a clean and safe driving record with no accidents, you may qualify for extra discounts as you might have to ask around

    - If you can pay for your insurance all at once, then do this as opposed to having monthly installments where you will pay extra for the interest

    - If you want to save more money, you may have to downgrade your car for example, a BMW to a Honda as insurance premiums are usually higher for fancier cars and cars that might get stolen

    So hope this helps you save some coin. Good luck.

  3. nifty@50 profile image74
    nifty@50posted 8 years ago

    Carry the largest deductible that you can afford. Get on the internet and shop between 15-20 different carries get quotes from them on the same coverages and compare.Find out if taking a defensive driving course will save you own your premium. When selecting a car to buy stick to four door models and avoid sports cars and avoid red cars. The cheaper the car the cheaper the insurance. If you have an older car consider carrying only collision, but always carry uninsured motorist in case you are injured.

  4. identalhub profile image58
    identalhubposted 7 years ago

    Auto insurance companies decide the premium rates on the basis of various factors like age, profession, gender and the area you live. Due to competition there are lot ways to get discounts on your auto insurance. Here you can study about them on :
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  5. zaffcommunication profile image48
    zaffcommunicationposted 7 years ago

    yes you can save your money on car insurance...please view my hub for more information...

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    justin.jamesposted 7 years ago

    Look for companies having a tie-up with your employer or association , like AARP – The Hartford; work your way around as many discounts as you can; do a defensive driving course and get discounts for the next 3 years.

    Source: http://aarp.thehartford.com/Auto-Insura … ance.shtml

  7. reinhardBeck profile image76
    reinhardBeckposted 7 years ago

    I'm assuming (wrongly perhaps) that you live in the UK. if you do you can just forget about saving money on your car insurance. However...
    1) having a small car helps (1.2 or 14) something like that.
    2) a standard vehicle with no modifications.
    3) it mustn't be sporty (or even look sporty and high performance).
    4) insurers may well offer discounts if you have extra security on it (check what brands they recognise and for which they will give discounts)
    5) make sure there are no young/inexperienced drivers on your policy.
    6) Have you got a clean licence and have you had any accidents or claims in last 5 years. If the answer is "no" well then you're in trouble!
    7) some insurers will offer discounts if you insure more than one car with them or if you have other policies with them (home insurance for example).
    Ultimately though, the best way to save money on your car insurance is to...sell your car!

  8. jamesmcguire profile image64
    jamesmcguireposted 7 years ago

    Just completed my first hub on Car Insurance, it's for Australia but I think that the UK and OZ are pretty close together.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Choosing-a-Car- … -Australia