has the bp oil spill been fixed?

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    addylee12posted 7 years ago

    has the bp oil spill been fixed?

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    dodgydaveposted 7 years ago

    doesnt look like it they are only mentioning 1 well, when there were two that blew. theres a guy on you tube whose got the official documents and then matt simmons got killed possibly becos he was telling people about this.

    it looks like they may have to blow up the sea floor in order to seal the leak
    the pakistan floods  and russian drought are apparently an early side effect of this.

    theres a line of thought that says they are going to have to use a nuclear explosion to seal it and FEMA are on standby to evacuate the entire gulf coast because of the tsunami the collapse of the sea floor will cause

    but when our countries are run entirely by corrupt people and businesses with ulterior motives please stop blaming the citizens, everything thats done is for a reason that we dont know about yet and its not american or english its money and  corruption.