how dose a clutch feel when bran new?

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    teedhums1posted 7 years ago

    how dose a clutch feel when bran new?

    test drove it, clutch went in to easily, and she had to let the clutch out all the way before it would move!!!!! My Fathers Friend, and him say it's a spring worn out. I think he is wrong, because he has now "fixed" it twice and still have the same problem. WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    izoooomposted 7 years ago

    As it is new, it may go in easily and after you use it for a few weeks, it can harden.
    To make sure it is okay, test it on a steep hill where you don't need to use gas pedal and only need clutch control. If it moves the car okay, then it is probably fine and just new.

    After some time and it doesn't harden, then have it checked out by someone else anyway. Don't try to cut corner on cost for car safety.