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My key locks do not work with thw key I have . what can I do . how do I replace

  1. Karl  VanGuilder profile image57
    Karl VanGuilderposted 6 years ago

    My key locks do not work with thw key I have . what can I do . how do I replace them ?

      I have door key locks that will not work and may need to replace them (or at least one ot them ) . what is involved and what do I need to know to do this ?

  2. ambersagen profile image63
    ambersagenposted 6 years ago

    all you have to do is get a new doorknob at a home improvement store. Unscrew your old knob and attach the new one. That's all I had to do when I needed a new one. hopefully your install will be as easy!

  3. ttagpine profile image82
    ttagpineposted 6 years ago

    The best answer I can give is to take the car to a locksmith & when I say locksmith, I mean a real locksmith. See if they can make a new key for your locks. If it's a newer car, you may have a coded key. You may have to go to a dealership to get a replacement key.
    Are you sure you have the right key? If it's an older car, it may use a different  key for the doors than it does to start the engine.
    You might just need to lube the locks if they're sticking.
    Changing the door locks can be a real pain because on most cars you have to have special tools remove the interior door handles, arm rests, covers & anything else that's in the way. Then you may have to work blind through an access hole that's not much bigger than your hand.

  4. mattdigiulio profile image76
    mattdigiulioposted 6 years ago

    The locks should be fine. Go to a dealership that sells your brand of car, and make sure you have your title and registration with you, to prove to them if asked that you are the vehicles owner. If you can't get the car there, have it towed there via flatbed. The dealership will provide you with keys, albeit at a pricy price.

    Good luck!