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How can I find the cheapest place to buy gas?

  1. Cloverleaf profile image86
    Cloverleafposted 5 years ago

    How can I find the cheapest place to buy gas?


  2. hardlymoving profile image97
    hardlymovingposted 5 years ago

    You can go to the website: www.gasbuddy.com

  3. Rejected Reality profile image59
    Rejected Realityposted 5 years ago


    There are several sites out there. I have found that MotorTrend works best for me.
    Website here:  http://www.motortrend.com/gas_prices/
    Type in "cheap gas finder" in any search engine and you'll have plenty to choose from. Good luck!

  4. Mac31 profile image59
    Mac31posted 5 years ago

    if you have a smart phone there are several applications that will allow you to find the cheapest gas in your area.