Best place to get your car inspected

  1. iphone5news profile image59
    iphone5newsposted 6 years ago

    Best place to get your car inspected

    I just got a ticket for expired inspection and will need to do this today - any suggestions on the fastest place to get car inspected.

  2. spirit Perry profile image58
    spirit Perryposted 6 years ago

    Try to find a place with free estimates on what it will take to have the car Pass inspection. A lot of places will do an estimate and if nothing needs to be done the Inspection will a set amount.If your estimate is over $300 I suggest you get a second opinion unless you feel really comfortable with the mechanic you have.You can tell the greedy mechanics from the Gifted mechanics quite easily.The greedy shops will either try to scare you or rush you into spending money.The real mechanics will suggest you get things done and may even tell you to get a second opinion,Either way you will feel more at ease with an honest mechanic. Good Luck