Can you recommend a tire designed for high fuel mileage?

  1. wilderness profile image99
    wildernessposted 6 years ago

    Can you recommend a tire designed for high fuel mileage?

    Specifically for a Toyota Prius, 186/65 - 15.  Highway tread.

  2. Grant N.Z profile image65
    Grant N.Zposted 6 years ago

    Hi Michelin, Ring a michelin dealer, tell him you want a tyre for the Prius. Also state that you are wanting the lowest rolling resistance to conserve fuel. I know a bit about tyres , in NZ a lot of Prius come with Michelin as standard fit. Michelin are spending a lot off effort in this area. Although so are most off the good manufactures. There are a lot off good tyres, e.g Bridgestone, Continental , yokohama , Dunlop japan , i beleive that the big players like these all make a fantastic product, and the diferance between the good brands is not a concern. Just dont buy a budget tyre made in china as an example. When put like that i am sure you will get the point. People that spend hours discussing the differance between say a bridgestone and a michelin or a yokohama are normaley wasting there breath , and are accountants that realey wanted to be a race driver. Cheers Grant