How can I buy a decent car on a low budget/income?

  1. Cat R profile image72
    Cat Rposted 5 years ago

    How can I buy a decent car on a low budget/income?

    Without going into further details, but I can't buy a car with a loan right now. Does anybody know of any low-income assistance programs or can tell me how I can 'safely' buy a car?
    I am kind of worried about being forced to go to one of those buy here/pay here places and end up with a $5,000 for $20,000 with a 20% interest that breaks down five feet outside of the car lot.

  2. Borsia profile image47
    Borsiaposted 5 years ago

    Your best bet is still to buy from a private party on a car you can afford.
    Be sure that you take it to a well qualified mechanic for a complete check out and run the VIN# to make sure I has never been crashed.
    You won't get any financing or a warrantee as private parties always sell "as-is".
    Also be sure to do some research online to see if there are a lot of lemon reports on the year and model you chose.
    I suggest joining AAA at the premium level, it was $89 the last time I was a member. This will give you 100 miles free towing and roadside assistance if you need it. After you join ask them to refer you to a mechanic to have the car checked out. BTW if you are a premium AAA member you are covered in any car you are in, not just your own car, which can be a real big +.