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What does being a Cadillac Driver mean to you?

  1. brittvan22 profile image83
    brittvan22posted 4 years ago

    What does being a Cadillac Driver mean to you?

    I was looking at, Cadillac Records and noticed how Cadillac seemed to be a symbol for success in the fifties. It reminded me of my mother who was an avid Cadillac connoisseur of sorts. She went from an Eldorado to a limited edition Deville, since she was born in the sixties and I'm an eighties baby could someone tell me if there is a correlation between the two? My mother was so hung up on Cadillac's she wanted my daughter's first kid car to be a Cadillac.


  2. Angela Blair profile image80
    Angela Blairposted 4 years ago

    Many years ago Cadillac was the ultimate status symbol -- and I owned one for probably 15 years of my life -- various models. Most adults during the 70's/80's and even before believed owning a Cadillac meant one had finally become successful. I've always wondered how many of those cars were repossessed due to the new owner being unable to make the payments? Great question -- and, I really enjoyed my Caddys back then -- I can rarely identify a Cadillac on the road today as to me, they look like every other car on the road -- that wasn't the case years ago as they were very distinctive!

    1. brittvan22 profile image83
      brittvan22posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Cool. Nice hub would be on the evolution of the Caddie. My five yr old talks about her future caddie all the time.

    2. Ericdierker profile image56
      Ericdierkerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      In the early 60's my daddy told the story. He went to a house(he was a h house call doctor) found the baby in box the new TV came in, no crib. He inquired and was told "that danged Cadillac the man made me buy--- shoot I cannot afford a new crib."

  3. don tilton profile image61
    don tiltonposted 4 years ago

    As the good Ms. Blair stated, Cadillac used to be the ultimate symbol of American success and wealth...right along with Lincoln, Mercedes, and almost to the status of Rolls Royce. But those times have changed.
       For a number of years, (in the mid and late 80's) Cadillac tried to regain their former glory by making more fuel efficient models, but as tends to happen with new technologies their repeated attempts at a more powerful, more fuel efficient engines failed. Effectively torpedoing the reputation of old.
       Today, Cadillac enjoys a great reputation as very reliable luxury car along with the likes of Mercedes, Lincoln, and BMW, though they don't carry the same status symbol, (or price,) as the European sports luxury cars.

    I hope this helped you.