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Question about strange noise and reaction of my 2008 honda civic.

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    Heats77posted 4 years ago

    Question about strange noise and reaction of my 2008 honda civic.

    Sometimes when I hit a bump or a pothole it feels like my brakes slip and they make a sound like a gear slipping. My brakes are all in decent shape... It's scary when it does this. I dot have to be going fast in order for it to happen. starting just a couple weeks ago , my car will just randomly make a sound like it's dragging something when I am almost completely stopped and than the sound goes away for awhile. It shouldn't be the rotor. Does anyone know what this means? Is it maybe the abs system on the fritz? Please help! I don't want to get robbed at the mechanics!!

  2. hardlymoving profile image98
    hardlymovingposted 4 years ago

    Without getting under the car, and perhaps taking the wheels off, its too tough to tell what's wrong.  It could be one or several problems like worn:  Control Arm Bushings, Ball Joints, Strut Mount, Worn Struts, Sway bar links, etc.  If you're afraid of getting robbed, get estimates from several repair shops.  If they're all saying the same thing, then their analysis must be true.

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      Heats77posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Good advice! Thanks!

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    jennshealthstoreposted 4 years ago

    I had a 2007 Honda Civic and I was actually dragging something. When I looked under the car, the plastic protective part was dragging on the ground and making a horrible sound. It did not always happen at first. I guess it would get loose and then drag for a bit, not sure, but I wound up just taking that whole piece of plastic off the bottom of the car. Take a peek under the car after it happens.