Regarding GM Recalls

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    Kathleen Odenthalposted 3 years ago

    Regarding GM Recalls

    GM recalled another 3 million vehicles today, making this one of the worst years in the history of the industry. What do you think GM should do to make things right? Keep checking for issues, or shut their doors for good?

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    EclecticHoosierposted 3 years ago

    You would be hard-pressed to find an automaker who has NOT had a recall. Practically eery major automaker, from Ford to Ferrari, from Luxus to Lincoln, has had them. Yes, even extremely well-respected makes such as BMW, Honda and Toyota. A recall nearly killed Audi's sales back in the 80s. To many people, a recall is seen as evidence that the product in question - in this case, cars - is itself inherently deficient in quality and perhaps even unsafe. Truth is, this is largely not the case, and thankfully so.

    Most recalls are for minor defects in materials and or workmanship - a glitch in the radio software perhaps, or maybe a cable bracket that si found to be out-of-spec, post-production. These usually do not affect the safety of the vehicle in the least bit. When you take into consideration the overall complexity of a modern automobile, with the literally hundreds of thousands of small parts, it's no wonder that there would likely be problems. Automakers used to come out with a new model every few years, and it was common wisdom to avoid the first year or two after each redesign, to give them time to "work the bugs out." Now, these "bugs" are highlighted, advertised and paraded in front of the media as some form of unjustified damnation of an otherwise sound design.

    We should worry less about the number of defects we are seeing, and rather commend GM for being honest and transparent and doing their best to make things right by the consumer.

    The REAL problems lie not when problems arise - since that is to be expected - but rather when they are ignored.

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      Excellent reply!