Why is my check engine light on?

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    Lisa De La Luzposted 15 months ago

    Why is my check engine light on?

    I have a 90 CrX. My check engine light goes off only when my engine is wet. After it dries the light goes on again. I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME. T.I.A

  2. JeniferRW profile image80
    JeniferRWposted 15 months ago

    Take it to Advance Auto or Auto Zone whatever is in your particular area, tell them you would like them to run a diagnostic on it.  It's free.  When they do it it will come up with a particular code for why the check engine light is coming on and then you can go from there.  They will be able to tell you exactly what's wrong and you can either purchase the part from them or take it to a mechanic and have an idea of what the problem is and what it's going to cost before going in to one.