2000 jaguar xk8 conv

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    boobangposted 7 years ago

    I am looking for answers to the nagging problem that I keep having with my jaguar.  I know that the engine was made by Ford, so I am inclined to believe that this car will have its fair share of problems, but, that did not stop my purchase....lets face it....the car is a thing of beauty! 

    My problem is that the check engine soon light cotinues to come on even after we determined it was the fuel sensor....that sensor and the fuel cap have both been replace and even after the default codes were cleared, that darn engine light came on again!  Now I do understand that the vehicle has some years on it and so do I, but "MY CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" doesn't go off as much as this car's does!  Can anyone out there help me please????????????????????????????????????????????????????????