Texas Oil Billionaire Pushes Natural Gas, not Hydrogen!

  1. soulsurfer profile image60
    soulsurferposted 9 years ago

    Tired of going round in ever decreasing circles debating the merits or otherwise of "hydrogen boosters" I've decided to start a topic on a subject that might really change the face of motoring in the United States.

    A few days ago Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens announced that he will spend $58 million dollars of his own money advertising his "Pickens Plan".  This involves turning large areas of Texas into a gigantic wind farm.  With large quantities of electricity thus being generated from a renewable source the natural gas currently used to generate all this electricity could be used instead as fuel for cars.  This would allow the US to save $230 billion of the $700 billion it currently spends every year on importing oil.  Presumably Mr. Pickens expects to receive a small proportion of that $230 billion for his trouble.

    What does the team think of Mr. Pickens cunning plan?  What would you say the odds are on you converting your car to run on natural gas in the forseeable future?