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Good Car To Get A Teenager.

  1. Alexander Brenner profile image83
    Alexander Brennerposted 5 years ago

    Kelly Blue Book just released the top 10 cars  for under 8,000 dollars. A perfect car for a teenager.
    The list is as follows:

    2008 Kia Rio, $7,895

    2004 Ford Crown Victoria, $7,970

    2003 Mazda Protege5, $7,360

    2002 Toyota Tundra Standard Cab, $5,925

    2003 Ford Escape, $7,560

    2004 Scion xA, $7,805

    2004 Pontiac Vibe, $7,630

    2002 Toyota Corolla, $6,125

    2002 Infiniti G20, $5,965

    2004 Honda Civic, $7,970

    1. CyclingFitness profile image94
      CyclingFitnessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      My first care cost the equivalent of $1500

      While they sound good cars realistically should a tennager have a powerful car?

      Is an 8 year old car going to be reliable long term?

      And how many teenagers can afford to spend that much money? Or are they all spoilt brats whose parents throw obscene amounts of money at?

  2. Al Shield profile image74
    Al Shieldposted 5 years ago

    'is an 8 year old car going to be reliable long term?'

    If not then it's a great lesson in the trials and triumphs of car ownership and a very good starting point in learning how to keep your car running.

  3. Shanna11 profile image92
    Shanna11posted 5 years ago

    As a teenager myself, I was given a 2001 Toyota Avalon by my parents. It's worth about 5 grand, and honestly I found it to be a perfect car for a teen. My brother-- a serious, nerdy boy who loves reading drove it before me and it suited him perfectly as well. I think the safety ratings aren't all that great, but the thing is a sturdy brick. Besides a steering recall (It's Toyota, go figure!) last year, it's never had any problems. It's roomy, got a big trunk....

    I think 5 grand is a reasonable amount to spend maximum on a car for a teenager. My friend comes from a less fortunate background and ended up with a 1500 dollar clunker. She broke down in dangerous areas often and the situation was not ideal, even for the saved money.

  4. profile image0
    timmathisenposted 5 years ago

    I think Shanna11 listed a reasonable amount to spend: $5,000.

    Full disclosure: As a teenager, I had a $800 car, which included a $1,000 headache shortly after my parents bought it for me. I never took care of it, and I suspect many other teens who are given a car probably won't take care of theirs, either. Your teen may be different though, I don't know.

    Chrysler made a 300m in the early 2000s, which are super roomy, are built like tanks, and cost between $4,000 and $6,000.

  5. eddiecarrara profile image96
    eddiecarraraposted 5 years ago

    I split the cost of a car for my teenager, we bought a 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 for $3400, and it has been the best car for her. It was well taken care of and the service history was very good with all the oil changes and services done at there proper intervals. I don't really look at the age as much as how well it has been taken care of.

    I see a lot of Honda's make it pass the 300k mark and then some, without any major problems. Don't look at age, look at maintenance schedules and oil changes, also look to see where it has been worked on, that could make a world of difference.