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Honda Ruckus Review

Updated on January 27, 2012

Honda Ruckus Girl

Honda Ruckus

First off I would like to say that I didn't even know what a Honda Ruckus was until last year. I have owned several Honda's motor cycles over the years but I would not consider myself a biker. These days I am more concerned about getting to the beach with my surfboard and not having to purchase and maintain a second car that I just drive 30 miles a week in.

I figured out that it costs me 5 dollars a day to drive back and forth to the beach in a car that gets 30 mpg. I didn't calculate in insurance, maintenance and the yearly fees that we all have to pay in Hawaii. For one think we don't have to have a license to drive a Ruckus here in Hawaii and proof of insurance is not required.So that can save you some cash also.

If you have a car and are driving without insurance in Hawaii. It is considered a criminal offense and you could get jail time. You will pay a fine I assure you. So the main reason for the Honda Ruckus is you save a hell of alot of money. Plenty of grief also.

I bought a used one and it was not taken care of very well. You could tell that it was mistreated for at least a year. I went over the little scooter and greased and oiled everything. Cleaned the spark plug and added some fuel cleaner. The little Honda Ruckus starts right up every time.

I strap my surfboard to the side of it and zoom off to the beach as much as possible. It costs me around 10 dollars US per month to go to the beach everyday. Probably 300 miles total. The Honda Ruckus is built like a tank. It reminds me of the old Cushman Scooter I had as a kid. The Ruckus is easy to balance so I believe it would be a good scooter to start beginning riders on.

I kept it all stock it tops out around 38 mph. You can get ruckus performance parts that will make you Ruckus go over 50 mph. I am told. It doesn't have alot of get up and go but when you are going 35 or 40 mph on a little scooter that's about as fast as I would want to go.

You would think I would find a few things that I don't like about the ruckus but so far I haven't found anything that I don't like about the little Honda Ruckus. It has these two big head lights on the front so people can see me coming. I have even gave a few girls rides to the beach on the back. Like I said the Ruckus is really durable and takes a beating. I baby mine because I plan on having it for many years to come.

I wouldn't recommend the Ruckus for conventional motorcycle riders. Most of them say the Ruckus ia a dog, meaning it doesnt go very fast. But for the utilitarian folks like me that are tired of getting screwed at the pumps and the insurance companies and the state registration fees etc etc. Get a Ruckus Scooter if you live a few miles from where you work and can at least putt to work 50% of the time. Just the money you save in gas will pay for your Ruckus in a year or so!

If you are interested in reading more reviews about the Honda Ruckus and Ruckus parts please Click Here

If you are a single guy thinking of getting a Honda Ruckus, for some reason just about every woman that gets near it wants a ride. I think it might me that some people are some what apprehensive about larger motor cycles.

Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus Overview

Hot Chick on Ruckus


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    Ray 6 years ago

    Great song, who is it??

  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

    I think these are so ugly, but my boyfriend loves them.