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10 Tips for keeping a job once you get it

Updated on August 22, 2013


So you got that job, Congratulations! Now you want to keep it! Some companies will ‘over-hire’ when they are seeking new employees to ‘weed’ out the bad ones. Why do they do this? Because a lot of the people of today do not know how to keep a job once they get it. They may feel that now they have the job, made that first good impression and that is all they needed to do. This is not true. Once you have the job you will have to work to keep it.

The term “It’s a Jungle out there” has never been more appropriate in today’s economy. In a Jungle it is hard to survive, in the work force that too can be difficult to keep your job. I have complied a few tips that will help you keep that job once you get it

Arrive on Time

1.  Scheduled time - Always arrive to your job ON TIME, if you arrive 10 minutes early that is even better.  If you are replacing someone (switching shifts) it will let the person know that you are there and they will be able to finish up there shift without worrying that you won’t show.  You may not be able to punch in, and those 10 minutes will be lost forever, but your mind will begin to prepare for the job at hand.  Do not come in daily being harried, this shows not being prepared for the job.  Is your life so busy that you can’t find the time to show up?  Then maybe you shouldn’t have the job.  When it comes time for ‘weeding’ you may be the first to go.


2.  Appearance - You should always look your best.  Your clothes should be clean and wrinkle free.  No one wants an employee who looks like they just stumbled out of bed, and slept in their clothes.  Your body should also be clean and free of odor.  Use a deodorant there are plenty on the market that work just fine.  Your fellow workers will notice if you continue to come into work smelling like a garbage truck and they will complain.  If you have facial hair, you should keep it groomed in the appropriate manner as may be stated in the handbook or manual.  Make-up worn by women should be kept appropriate for the job, do not come in looking like a street walker.  Hair and nails should be cleaned and well groomed, for both men and women.


3.  Attitude - When working with others and the public you will need to keep a good attitude.  If you have had a fight with your significant other, leave it at home.  We do not want to hear about it, we are at work to do a job.  If you do not like some  of the people you work with that is tough.  Not everyone always gets along, you will just have to adjust your way of thinking.  Keep the drama out of the work place.  If you should have a serious problem with another employee, rather than talk behind their backs (which is guaranteed to get back to them) you should go to your boss or someone in charge and explain the situation.  Maybe they will change your hours to make work easier for you.  No one wants an uncomfortable employee either.  


4.  Your pay.  When you were hired, you were told your rate of pay.  You agreed to take the job for this amount of money.  If your boss tells you to mow the grass, do not complain!  Look at it this way, you are getting paid X-amount of dollars per hour to mow the grass.  If you think you are being worked too hard for the amount of money you are being paid, you will be free to look for a new job.

Sexual Harassment

5. Sexual Harassment - This will not be tolerated at any job and can not only be cause for dismissal but possible criminal charges being brought against you. For many this can be something as simple flirting. If the person does not flirt back with you, DO NOT continue. Flirting happens, but should not happen at the work place. You do not want to be uncomfortable, neither does anyone else.

Use appropriate language

6.  Appropriate language - Keep your tongue in your head, sarcasm is fun with your friends but should not be brought in the work place.  Watch what you say, swearing is not tolerated in many places.  If you should be working with the public and swear it can be and usually will be cause for immediate termination. 

Doing your Job

7.  Doing your Job - You were hired to do a job.  Do it.  No ifs ands or butts about it.  Leaning and walking around with your hands in your pockets are not tolerated in most places.  If you don’t know what to do next, ask someone.  Think of it like this, if you were paying someone to do a job, would you want to pay them for doing nothing?  If you have done absolutely everything and you cannot see anything else to do, pick up a broom and sweep.   Pick up a cloth and wipe things down.  Keep yourself busy, this will impress your employer.

Follow directions

8.  Do what you are told.  This cannot be stated enough.  If you are asked to do something, get to it right away.  Do not argue, do not complain, do not say “So and so never has to do that.”  Just do it, and do it right, and do your best at it.  Do it the way it is supposed to be done, not the way you think it should be done.  If at a later date you can see a change that might be beneficial, you may suggest it to your Supervisor.  If they do not accept this, do not argue, just accept it.  They may want it done that way for a reason, of which you are not privy.


9.  Smile - Most employers want to see a smiling face of their employee.  Smiling shows your employer that you are happy with your job.  Smiling makes you approachable, others will feel comfortable around you. 

Do Not correct your Supervisor!

10.  Do Not correct your boss - You have no idea what his/her job entails, therefore do not try to tell them what they are doing wrong.  Most bosses have some sort of Supervisor as well, and if they are doing things wrong this will be noticed.  It’s not up to you to point it out. 


Keeping these few things in mind when starting any new job will show your new employer that you are prepared and willing to do the job and be successful at it.  When it comes to ‘weeding’, you will be more than likely to remain than the other employees hired at the same time. 


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