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5 Traffic Generating Social Media Websites For Me in 2013

Updated on April 16, 2013

Social media websites are the most powerful and popular online traffic generation medium for majority of the websites. A lot of social media websites had surfaced in the last 6 to 8 years and some of them are still there, while some have faded away. Social Media is an area where you can easily locate your target audience and share your website and its content with them. If you want to spread your website content virally, then there are no other better platforms than the social media websites.

I have been using social media sites for the last 5 years and I use mainly for traffic generation and content promotion. Every year I drive traffic from various social media channels depending upon the nature of my website and its content. There are many social media channels which have lost its charm since then and few of them which I would like to point out are Digg, Slashdot and to some extend Twitter.

But this keeps on happening and every year various social media sites comes into play and you need to keep adjusting your social media strategies as per that. Here I would like to share the 5 social media websites from which I am driving majority of the traffic to my websites in 2013. I know that the list will not match majority of other's opinion, but still I am sharing what I have experienced from social media websites so far in 2013.

1) Stumbleupon
Stumbleupon has maintained its’ position as the highest traffic driver to my website and it has been one of the major traffic source for my websites for the last four to five years. Stumbleupon is a major social media website and is considered one of the best places to share interesting content and get quality traffic to your website. I have noticed that traffic from Stumbleupon is really relevant, which is quite evident from the bounce rate figure which stands between 55% to 60%. The bounce rate figure tells us that the visitors tend to stay longer on the page and this is a clear indication of the fact that your content is good enough and you are getting relevant visitors on your website.

2) Facebook
Facebook is the King of Social Media and is the most popular social media websites with a large amount of user pool. Facebook is having a large number of users from across the world and has various interesting features such as PAGE and GROUPS which are one of the best tools for promoting your content and receiving traffic. Facebook stands on the second place behind Stumbleupon when it comes to traffic generation and is one of the best places to make your content go viral. Make sure that you have the right content that has the potential to go viral, otherwise your content will go unnoticed. Even though the bounce rate of Facebook traffic is not good when compared with that from Stumbleupon, I used to get a good response for my content.

3) Google Plus
Google Plus is one such social media website which I regret of not having used too much in 2012. But I started using it seriously in 2013 and have started getting results with some good and relevant traffic to my websites. I never knew that if used properly, Google Plus has this much traffic generating power. Even though Google Plus stands on the 3 position among my top traffic generating social media websites, I am sure that by the end of 2013, it will top the charts. Google Plus is one of the best places to share interesting content and receive relevant traffic with a healthy bounce rate. There are also rumours that a content that is promoted well on Google Plus might end up in improve Google search engine ranking. Also read my Hub post on 4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Business With Google Plus.

4) YouTube
YouTube is the most popular video sharing website that is available around and is one such website which drives a good number of traffic to my websites. If you have good and compelling videos, then you can use YouTube to promote your videos and help in getting traffic to your website. A well promoted video on YouTube is bound to receive huge number of views and thereby the chances of traffic flowing to your main website will increase. The quality of traffic coming from YouTube is pretty good and the bounce rate is also not too bad. I am using YouTube for the past 3 years for traffic generation purposes and the site has helped me very much with its consistent traffic.

5) Bizsugar
And the final one on the list, Bizsugar is something of a little surprise and is pretty new. There are many other websites that drives more traffic to my website than Bizsugar, but the amazing growth that it has shown in the last few months has really taken me by surprise. Even though the traffic that I receive from Bizsugar is not at all eligible for a comparison with the Facebook and StumbleUpon, this niche social media website is very helpful in getting relevant traffic. Bizsugar is considered good for promoting websites whose content is related to areas such as Marketing, Finance, Management and Technology. The site is also pretty easy and simple to use, and in the last 3 months I have indeed noticed a steady rise in the traffic that I am receiving from Bizsugar.


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