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6 Facebook Marketing Ideas to Grow your Online Business

Updated on December 2, 2015

Are you Facebooking Correctly?

Tips on finding the appropriate place for promoting items, services and website pages 100% free is just about every home business minded person's vision. Gratefully, Facebook marketing ideas are out there and have made this "dream" a fact. With about half a billion individuals and numerous fan pages and online communities to look into, the favored social media system has brought clients nearer to home.

It's Not Hidden Knowledge

No longer is it hidden knowledge how Facebook rules in website advertising. Still, many of us still believe that simply registering your Fan page and throwing up some content will do. For sellers, it is not adequate. There is always much more now to Facebook online marketing than submitting your account. Keeping your supporters involved and engaged is definitely the top key. Let's explore some ways to really put this concept of marketing in use.

Crushing Facebook - Part 1

Steps to Marketing on Facebook

1. Complete a fan page for your home business. Facebook pages, identified as "fan pages", tend to be developed for products, brands, celebrities, services, businesses and musicians. The fan page option will allow for firms, public figures and various other entities to produce public position in Facebook. You can actually entice potential prospects to become fans of your home business page just by sharing any critical information with them with the aid of uploading pics and training videos, applying dialogue content articles and expressing status updates or wall posts.

2. Persuade visitors to "like" your page. You shouldn't hope visitors will inevitably "like" your page while not doing anything; as they will likely not. You will need a large amount of diligence for the steady flow of leads to come flowing. You have to earn it with promotion, promotion, and lots of promotion. Assuming you have a personal account, don’t be timid with talking to friends and family to "like" your page. Do not forget- you are really beginning from scratch and results are not going to manifest instantly.

3. Create a Separate Account. The main and a very fundamental of all Facebook marketing ideas are to complete a separate account for your internet business objectives and run all your sales and marketing communications from there. Employing your personal account for this type of intention is unconventional. The new ‘business’ account should really just stand for your brand and be the only associate of your identity for the purpose of business affiliated sales and marketing communications and sales.


4. Design a superb "About" section. Virtually all Facebook users typically do not realize this one. Constructing a superb business branded profile is necessary, particularly if you desire to acquire more leads to your internet business. That will help educate potential customers about your business interest and the goods and services you feature. This will allow you to add very important information to your customers, providing them with an example on how your internet business manages. Still this does not suggest that you should craft a narrative-long user profile. Do not forget that an extensive bio fails to bring in readers. Keep it simple instead. A brief introduction which stresses the most significant data should be adequate.

Why Use Facebook?

So, you might be one of those individuals that ask, why bother using Facebook to grow my business? Well, the correct question really is why are you NOT? Just check out the statistics below and see what you are missing if you are not taking advantage of the huge potential this social media site offers.

Facebook Statistics

Overview of Facebook
Facebook Revenue
$12,466 million
2007 - 2014 net income
Facebook Employees
2004 - 2014 full-time employees
U.S. Facebook Reach
43.81 percent
Global penetration as of Feb. 2013
Facebook Users (U.S.)
151.8 million
Users as of May 2014
Global Online Facebook Population
38.6 percent
Users as of May 2014
Data taken from

5. Understand where your market you work in hangs out. Thinking of focusing on bloggers? Seek blogging groups throughout Facebook and become a member. By enrolling in a lot of these groups you are likely to start seeing individuals from your market start to request friendships with YOU.

6. Connect to many of the groups. 'Like' the posts of many people, leave impressive information and comments, add many people as friends whenever you connect to them and initiate your current 'following' from here.

Crushing Facebook Part 2

Key Ingredient in Facebook Marketing

JUST REMEMBER: You'll want a lead capture website page within your fan page or you could be just tossing potential customers and PROFIT straight down the toilet, really. Make sure on your text or no matter what fine free of cost content you will be building on Facebook, that you have got a link to your fan page whereby folks are able to opt in for additional information as well as a free incentive or gift. You should never miscalculate the power of this website landing page.

Do You Facebook?

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