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The Working Day of a PA

Updated on December 12, 2016

I am writing this about my daily activities and experiences in my working life, as an Executive PA aka EA at a busy energy sector business. I support a team of analysts, simultaneously supporting the manager directly. I am well paid but very busy.

This morning I woke at 6am, early for me, so I managed to do a morning gym session, which I hardly ever get time to fit in; pity really as this quick trip made me feel ultra positive about the day ahead.

I just made 7:45am train to work and got straight into checking my emails on my IPhone. The manager had arranged an interview for a new position at 9:30am, but he has now told me to cancel it as he had a home based problem and was unable to get into the office. I was therefore short on time to contact the agency and re-appoint the interviewee. I telephoned them straightaway, but he had not yet got in. So, I left a voicemail and emailed cancelling the interview and suggesting a re-booking.

I arrived at the office at 8:50am and was met by a team member, who had an urgent need. He asked me to process an urgent travel docket for a trip to Hong Kong for the boss’ approval. He must have turned off his phone as I could not reach my manager. I text messaged and emailed him with the message and approval request.

I got an approved travel docket by 11:00am, which was tight, as our man needed to get there tomorrow. I booked everything immediately having confirmed with the traveller his preferences, as they can be fussy. I got onto our business travel experts, who found difficulty getting space on a flight. We finally got a workable route after convincing our guy to take an indirect route.

I was required to take detailed minutes at a meeting with some consultants at noon. The dialogue was a bit spun out and I was getting hunger pangs, it must have been all that extra energy I used up in the gym earlier.

I slipped out for a bite and remained out for an hour until 2:30pm. There was not much in my diary after lunch.

When I returned, I needed to get out a presentation for a group of managers. The plan was for the auditors to prepare most of the data and I just needed to put the finishing touches and a little panache using my advanced PowerPoint skills. After I finished putting the presentation together, the auditors needed to approve my draft. After that I needed to attach the presentation to an email with a concluding summary to be sent to me by the auditors.

I had to chase them for the information when we were getting close to the 4:30pm deadline, but they quickly provided the necessary information.

The day went smoothly to close of play so I prepared to leave at 5:15pm, but then I got a delivery by courier. The boss had sent me champagne in appreciation of my supportive approach. This is not usual for him, but he obviously was grateful for my support this morning, while he was away.


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