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I want to train to become a Legal Secretary

Updated on December 12, 2016

How Do I Become A Legal Secretary?

Many people find the idea of becoming a Legal Secretary very appealing and here are some of the reasons:

· The Legal Industry offers a wide range of interesting legal specialities. You could find a firm or department that specialised in Criminal Litigation, Family Law or much more.

· You can even work extensively with the Courts and get direct exposure to legal processes.

· Some legal specialities, such as Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Private Clients can offer excellent pay packages.

· Many of London’s most prestigious employers are top law firms.

So, Legal jobs are popular because they offer challenging and thought-provoking roles and the opportunity to earn a good salary.

If this is interesting, you may find yourself asking how do I become a Legal Secretary?

There is no set answer to this question, I have met Legal Secretaries with a diverse range of educational background and work experience.

Educational Path

1. Take a Legal Secretarial Course or Legal Secretary Diploma: There are many providers in London of these qualifications.

2. The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives are the most long-standing accreditors of any qualifications, established in 1892. Their Legal Secretarial Qualification, ILEX Course (now CILEX) is internationally recognised.

3. There are also numerous Law Graduates and other legal professionals who find jobs are Legal Secretaries.

Experienced Secretaries and PAs use transferrable skills

People who have worked as Secretaries, PAs or Administrators have a good set of transferrable skills. This is because a lot of administrative and secretarial skills are required by legal secretaries.

Nevertheless, you may find that the qualifications listed above will help you make a transition into the legal industry.

The reality of being a Legal Secretary

Being a Legal Secretary varies greatly depending on the type of law that you work in and the nature of your legal firm.
A Commercial Litigation firm will need Legal Secretaries to be able to accurately type and prepare legal documents of various types. The diarising of the legal procedures that are carried out in a Commercial Litigation firm will be extremely important. You are likely to have to work to a tight deadline and you also may need interpersonal skills, if you face any clients.
A Criminal Litigation Law Firm may require you prepare trial bundles, which will involve a good typing speed. You may also do a fair amount of Audio Typing in your daily routine.

However, each area will have their own requirements.


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