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New Year = New Job or Training for a PA, Secretary and Administrator?

Updated on December 12, 2016

The UK economy is slow at the moment and there has been little economic growth for several years. The Banks are still strapped for cash and there is little lending going on for mortgages and commerce, but unemployment is falling at the present. If you look on twitter feeds from London recruitment agents there are vacancies and in particular there are lots of Admin, and Secretary / PA roles coming up. If you are working in these job areas, there are definitely good opportunities for career development out there.

The standard motto for a slow economy, is get a steady, safe job and sit tight. Then when the economy recovers everyone jumps ship and finds a new or better job. However, this recession has lasted a really long time, so what should you do if you are bored in your current role?

Well there is still a job market out there in your sector, so it cant hurt to take a look at the market. All the same the economic situation is not good, so the decision to change jobs needs to be more considered and careful than when times are good. Look at the industry that your perspective employers are in and think whether they are likely to experience uncertainty in this recession. For example, the construction industry is a cyclical industry, which would mean that your company's economic future may not be the most stable. On the other hand, mining companies have done well from the high commodity prices, so your job may be more stable in that industry. You also need to look into the financials of the company, do they have bad or good news in the press. This will indicate how safe your new job will be in the next one to two years.

Move Internally

If you are bored, but would prefer not to take the risk of moving in this economic climate; why not try re-training? Undertake more advanced courses in your field or take some management courses. This will ensure that you are moving forward in 2013, either for promotion internally or to change jobs at a date when you feel more confident to do so.

For a PA, a great type of training course could be in management training courses, leadership skills or communication skills. This will evidence for your employer that you are ready to move into a more senior Executive PA role.

Minute taking courses, presentation skills or influencing skills training could convince companies that you should take on more responsibilities.

Finally, you could train in more specialised areas such as medical secretary, law clerk or legal secretary training, which would give you a new challenge and open new doors.

Don't allow yourself to be trapped in a job due to recession, remember there are plenty of options here for people who are bored in their current jobs and endless possibilities beyond this article.



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