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Achieve your Dreams: 10 reasons and tips for becoming an Online Entrepreneur This Year! Take control of your paycheck

Updated on June 1, 2015

The Sky Is The Limit when you allow your Dreams to take you to New Heights!

Personal photo outside Buffalo Bill Dam in Cody, Wyoming September 2012.  A place where your Dreams Can Soar.
Personal photo outside Buffalo Bill Dam in Cody, Wyoming September 2012. A place where your Dreams Can Soar.

Start building your Dream today!

Haven’t you always dreamt of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, or just having more time with the family? Why not start today achieving those dreams that you have set on the back burner for someday?

Think about it for a moment, if you waited for the ‘Perfect Time’ for start having children, reality would probably would be any children. There is NEVER a perfect time it just means that you are lacking the motivation to start building your dreams.

This is a list of 10 reasons and tips on why you should start building your dream of becoming an online entrepreneur this year and how.

• The world needs YOU – your products, your ideas and Your Story.

  1. Your Ideas – You see the world and what the world needs in a special and unique way. Your ideas really could be the next breakthrough idea. Sharing your ideas with the world is what you were created for.
  2. Your Products – Because you see the world with a unique perspective, you have the abilities to improve on a concept that is already out in the marketplace. Or, maybe, you have truly designed that better mouse trap. Your products are your signature on the world marketplace when you become an online entrepreneur.
  3. Your Story – Just like your fingerprints, your story is unique and needs to be shared. Your triumphs your tragedies’, your successes and your failures, make you who you are and that story is all about you!

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• Leaving a Legacy and an Inheritance for Generations

The bible says that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. That means that there have been far too many generations that haven’t left an inheritance for even one generation much less being able to provide for themselves today.

By becoming an online entrepreneur, you are proving yourself to be that good person the bible says you are, and leaving a legacy of entrepreneurial enterprise.

• Ask yourself this question: What am I investing in?

Each day you are investing your time, money and energy on something. And every day you may feel I like did once: that you are just spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere fast. Becoming an online entrepreneur, you are actually being investing in YOU.

You know you better than anyone else, and when you begin investing in yourself through your time money and energy, your confidence level and overall well-being are enhanced.

When your confidence level is increased, the law of attraction opens your eyes to a world of possibilities of what investing in yourself brings you.

The investment you make in yourself demonstrates your motivation and determination to potential investors.

The law of attraction is simply attracting like-minded investors to see the value you place on yourself. Confident online entrepreneurs willing to invest in themselves attract confident investors!

Get yourself going by investing in yourself through study, learning from others and hard work pursuing your dream of being an online entrepreneur today!

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You will be surprised how easy it is to become an online entrepreneur.


• Money is No Problem there is plenty available for Startups

Have you ever noticed that you have money for the things that you want usually? Whether it money to go see the latest movie, or that fantastic new dress hanging in the store front downtown that you had to have.

Money isn’t the issue for any online entrepreneurial startups. It is determining what is important to you that’s the real issue.

Becoming an online entrepreneur this year, requires that you get a different perspective on money. Money is everywhere but only if you are open and motivated to go after it.

Whether you want to go it on your own or your online business requires the help of investor, help for either is available.

  1. From reputable venture capitalist begging startup entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, so they can have some skin in your game.
  2. To small business startup loans, lots of money just waiting for you to be motivated to make your dream of becoming and online entrepreneur this year.

• Achieving your dream for independence

The foundation of America was laid with having a dream and going after it. That same entrepreneurial spirit of independence that the United States of America sought from England is deep within every child’s dreams of tomorrow.

  1. Yes, even your goals and dream for today lies waiting for you to achieve your independence and freedom by becoming an online entrepreneur this year.
  2. The ideas that you give birth to by becoming an online entrepreneur today, builds a brighter tomorrow for you and your family.

That independence to follow your dreams and begin your online startup business starts with a first step, your commitment to achieve your dreams.

Awaken those childhood dreams of being independent. Dream Big and Dare to be Great. Start your online entrepreneurial enterprise adventure and set that entrepreneurial spirit free!

• Wisdom and knowledge are the Key to Achieving your Dreams

Hidden deep within everyone are golden nuggets of wisdom and knowledge just waiting to be mined. And there are people flooding the internet on a daily basis willing to share their nuggets of wisdom with you, some for a small fee, many for free.

With technology today, it has never been a better time to become an online entrepreneur. Current technology allows for more accessibility by the general public to become an online entrepreneur today, at this very moment in time.

• Create jobs for your friends, families and your community

The American Dream and the spirit of business and enterprise is what create the jobs. Creating and building a business as an online entrepreneur seeks the betterment of their world around them. It’s your time to shine for your community.

If your community is lacking in employment opportunities it is opportunity knocking at your door for you to be the change that your friends and family need you to be.

This year is your year to be the solution that brings unity and prosperity to your community. There is no better time than right now to begin.

• Work when and where you want

Becoming an online entrepreneur allows you and your family more quality together.

You set your own hours and can adjust your hours as you see necessary, without having to ask permission.

You are in complete control of how and when you set those appointments, and dinner meetings.

Maybe you want a relaxing beach area to work from. By becoming an online entrepreneur today, you choose where your corner office is and when you are in.

You determine the size of your financial accounts


• By becoming an online entrepreneur today, you control the size of your paycheck every week.

As an online entrepreneur, you determine the size of your weekly paycheck. Have an unexpected expense come up, as an online business entrepreneur, you have access to limited income potential. Your income level is only limited by the size of your imagination!

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© 2015 Cammy Walters


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    • Cammy Walters profile image

      Cammy Walters 3 years ago

      Thank you Mark, as you know, it was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be sure.

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 3 years ago from Italy

      I remember when I first step into online business. You have great additional ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cammy Walters profile image

      Cammy Walters 3 years ago

      Thank you Anne for your comments. Yes, investing in yourself is the key to success.

    • Anne Harrison profile image

      Anne Harrison 3 years ago from Australia

      You make an important point that the investment you make is in yourself; viewed in this way, it puts the time and effort of an online career in perspective. Thanks for sharing