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Airborne Rangers

Updated on December 4, 2011

Rangers Lead the Way

Angels Of Death
Angels Of Death | Source

Airborne Rangers

Airborne Rangers are a branch of Army Special forces who specialize in Air Assaults. They are well trained, highly motivated and exceptionally bright soldiers who serve in some of the most fierce and fiery battlefields on this planet. They take the initiative and they lead the way all the way to victory. But living the life of a Ranger is filled with danger, excitement and the exhilaration of knowing victory for their God, command, unit and our country. God makes special angels for which Rangers are made of who fall from the heavens showering Death on those who oppose freedom.

101st Airborne

In Conclusion

You can't simply join the Airborne Rangers you must join the Army and excel in order to request placement in an airborne unit. It would require you to have a high school diploma and for you to be physically fit.

There are great benefits to serving the miliatry which include the GI bill which pays for qualified applicants college. So if you are a high school graduate and you are considering your future why not consider a tour in the military?


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