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Thomas A. Anderson, A Rough Rider

Updated on December 16, 2011

Rough Riders


Rough Riders

The Rough Riders were made up of ordinary men some of which were doctors and lawyers but others who simply wanted to serve their country. They were all brave men with familes, who believed in thier ability to change the country for the better. They were a diverse group of individuals unified by a common purpose to serve. Their battles were many and their causalities were as numerous but their sacrifice has and will never be forgotten.

You might wonder how I know all of this? It has been handed down to me through over a century to bring into the light after a 100 years of silence. As a practical measure my family kept records of the Rough Riders back in 1896 and then I inherited the task of documenting their service. It was understood they would be fighting in dangerous battles and that they could loser their lives and it was important records be kept of their service and ultimately their sacrifice.

I have spent the last decade documenting their service and their battles and ultimately their deaths. I have obtained a copy of the Rough Rider's papers via Wallace Dailey at Houghton Library at Harvard and confirmed these individuals are Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt's papers.

What I offer to all of you is the knowledge that this country was founded by individuals willing to fight, sacrifice and serve this country even at the expense of their lives and that they will never be forgotten. We honor all of our heroes. And I consider this work to be a duty, honor and a priviledge.

Thomas A. Anderson


Thomas A. Anderson

The name sounds so familiar doesn't it? It is like dejavu'. Not really it is a trick that has been played on you and it is insulting to anyne who knows military history and knows of this man's service.

Hollywood Mocks War Heroes

Same Name?

What were the chances a Rough Rider was named Thomas A. Anderson and a character in a movie that was recruiting for the military was also named Thomas A. Anderson? The only people who knew Thomas A. Anderson served in the Rough Riders were Wallace Dailey and myself.

So to demystify this misrepresentation of Thomas A. Anderson is to know he was a hero that served his country and did not rebel against it. He was married to Carrie Anderson and was from Dyberry, Pennsylvania. And he gave his life serving in the first volunteer military, the Rough Riders.

Fundamentally, Thomas A. Anderson and all of my people would agree we need brave heroes to serve our country but not through brain washing techniques of Hollywood. Our country needs strong, brave, dedicated people to serve and to be heroes and that always comes with a price. But there are those of us that recognize the price all of service men and women make each day. Others can't because Hollywood has so glamorized it that they mitigate military service. But I remember and I remember each and every single day and I consider it my duty, my honor and privilege to regale Thomas A. Anderson's service in the Rough Riders.

Thomas A. Anderson didn't lead the Hollywood version of life but made the very real sacrifices everyday in the swamps of Florida to fight for his country. And he will live for ever with my heart and my mind as a patriot of this country.

I am working on my dissertation to publish all of my findings so all of you will know all of these heroes who served our country.


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