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Careers with the NSA

Updated on November 14, 2015



Careers with the NSA

Careers with the NSA are like Careers in any other government agency. The NSA are looking for well educated hard working individuals with a great deal of loyalty and trustworthiness to protect the home land. NSA offers a variety of programs from students who wish to complete an internship with the NSA, to professionals who wish to make a full time career at the NSA in a variety of fields including but not limited to Mathematics, Science,and Linguistics and Cryptology to Individuals transitioning from the military. NSA is primarily tasked with protecting the homeland hence the name National Security Agency. If you are someone or you know someone who would be interested in working at the NSA then I will provide you with information about attending job fairs and making application to the agency.

Good Will Hunting and Introduction to NSA

While I appreciate Hollywoods' attempt to introduce the general public to the NSA I feel the movie "Good Will Hunting" did not accurately portray the duties tasked to the NSA. But I will show you the video clip and you can judge for yourself.


Good Will Hunting Describing NSA


This more accurately reflects what the NSA does.

NSA Careers

In Conclusion

The National Security Agency is the agency tasked with protecting our homeland. They are looking for bright individuals who are hard working and loyal to the United States. Your career at NSA could begin as early as college, or as a professional or even as an individual transitioning from the military. NSA has great benefits and tremendous job security.

You career goals might not have started out to work for the National Security Agency but you might be surprised how fulfilling you find a career in which you are a valued member of an agency that protects the homeland.


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