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Airline Jobs in India

Updated on March 13, 2013

Airline jobs

If you are looking for a prestigious career with fabulous income and promising career growth prospects, then an Airline job in India is the obvious answer. Airline jobs offer a variety of career options – though some jobs require specialized training, the others are open to Graduates from recognized universities.

Indian airline industry is one of the fastest growing aviation industries in the world. The aviation industry in India has undergone a path-breaking transformation from primarily being a government-owned industry to a predominantly privately owned industry today. As a matter of fact, private airlines in India toaday account for around 75% share of the domestic aviation market.

Are you looking for a job in the Airlines Industry?

You are Wanted
You are Wanted

Airline jobs in India, as in any other part of the world, are broadly categorized into two types - flying and non-flying. The flying jobs pertain to all aviation jobs that has something to do with flying and include pilots, co-pilots, flight engineers or second officers, and flight attendants among others. Non-flying jobs provide a number of lucrative careers as well. In fact, With most airlines, there are more non- flying job openings than flying jobs.

A pilot is one of the highest paid jobs in the airline industry as the ultimate responsibility to take travelers to the intended destination, belongs to him. In India, there are a number of aviation academies to train aspiring pilots. To qualify for becoming a pilot, one has to have a minimum number of flying hours experience – apart from obtaining a civilian pilot license.

Long-term trends in airline pilot hiring

People who do not wish to become pilots but still want a flying career, can opt to become a flight attendant / air hostesses, flight stewards etc. You do not require any special training or prior experience to become a flight attendant though a minimum age requirement may be 20 years and you need to preferably possess a University Degree and enjoy good communication skills. Those opting for a flying career can look forward to an exciting career with opportunities to rub shoulders with VIPs from all over the world, and the possibility of traveling to various parts of the world.

There are a lot of job opportunities for those wishing to embark on a non-flying career and they include aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, commercial, marketing, finance, administration, sales, information technology, air cargo personnel etc. It will improve your chances of getting a suitable opening if you also undergo specialized courses in the respective areas.

People choosing a career in the airline industry – be it flying or non-flying job - will invariably have to perform shift duties. As regards emoluments, the pay scales offered by many airlines are fabulous unmatched by any other industry. Besides, there are attractive perquisites and fringe benefits. Those in flying jobs will be entitled for overnight stay in star hotels.

Apart from the Government owned Indian Airlines, there are today more than ten private domestic airlines operating in the country – Air Deccan, Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Spicejet, Air Sahara, GoAir to name a few. There are more than 60 foreign airlines operating in India.

Since the world has turned into a global village, it has become necessary for everyone living in extreme corners of the world, to connect to their business associates or other loved ones living in another part of the world. The changed scenario is compelling people to travel to the nook and corners of the world.

Some of the prominent international players in the civil aviation industry in India include Lufthansa, Fly Emirates, British Airways, Quantas Airways, Alitalia, Air France, Cathay Pacific, Gulf Air, Japanese Airlines, KLM, etc. Airlines industry is indeed a broad field and there are many courses and training programs available. Depending on your aptitude and career interests, you can enroll in a suitable course offered by the Aviation institutes in India.

India is home to a number of institutes that offer courses in various disciplines of aviation. Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi, Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna, Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur, Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science, Kolkata and Avalon Aviation Academy are some of the prominent ones

Some of the key courses in airlines are Aviation Safety Training Instructor Courses, Flight Attendant Courses, Flight Deck Crew Courses, Pilot training in Indian Aviation, Commercial Pilot Training, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, Cabin Crew & in-Flight Services, Air Hostess Courses etc. Employees of the aviation sector are usually well-paid though the salary differs from airline to airline. However, a trainees’ stipend starts from around Rs. 8000 and progressively goes up from INR 20000 – 50000 p.m.


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    • profile image

      manasa jena 

      7 years ago

      sir i have completed three year diploma in computer science engineering in polytechnic i want to get job in indian airlines please help me

    • profile image

      ehtesham pradhan 

      7 years ago

      i m in final year B.E in (information science) looking for good aviation course which provide me an opportunity to serve me in airport.



    • profile image

      Godwin C Herbert 

      7 years ago

      respected Sir,

      i have completed my B.E in Electronics & Communication Engineering(63%), Diploma in E.E.E(77.4%) will i get a job worth while in your aviation sector.I expect a 30k pm. Will i get a job there?

    • profile image

      Akash kumar meher 

      7 years ago

      hello sir,This is akash .i wan't a job in air port.i have done my +2,i can speak hindi and hindi very i kindly request to u if any jo job is there..

    • profile image

      prahalad singh 

      7 years ago

      iwant to job in indian airportia rf field i will complete my btech 2011please suggest me

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hey, you are wasting your time by writing e should try your own by doing some efforts like contacting personaly with that institution where you like todeo ojt. i am not showing you the wrong way . you should not send resumes to these agents by mail, rather you should send your resume by posts that will effect more.or if you think that you are a good ame student then you should open your own MRO

    • profile image

      Shafeermon k 

      7 years ago

      Good evening sir iam an AME last year student here in delhi with the institute named center for civil aviation training,dwarka Newdelhi,now i want to join for on job i kindly request you to offer me the ojt .my contacts mobile,09560473056(delhi).09895226719(kerala)and my email id is faithfully ,shafeer mon k.

    • profile image

      Vincent TM 

      8 years ago


      Giving wings to your dreams

      The Hindustan Academy, Bangalore established in 1986 has been in the forefront of imparting quality education to students in Civil Aircraft Maintenance, Aeronautical Engineering, Engineering Diploma Courses and Management Sciences during the last twenty five years.

      The academy has three institutions under its wings:-

      1. Hindustan Aviation Academy (HAA)

      2. Hindustan Electronics Academy Polytechnic (HEA)

      3. Hindustan Business School (HBS)

      Hindustan Aviation Academy (HAA).

      Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore, is one of the top institutes in India offering Three years Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License course and Four years B. Tech., in Aerospace Engineering degree course.

      The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course is approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The duration of the course is of Three years (six semesters).During the final semester the students are deputed for “hands on” training with scheduled civil aircraft organizations. Students from the last batch were deputed for “on the job” training at Kingfisher Airlines, Air India and Singapore Airlines. On completion of six semesters and after clearing DGCA examinations, the students are awarded the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License, which qualifies them for employment in Civil Airlines as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

      The 4 Year (eight semesters) B.Tech., degree in Aerospace Engineering is approved by IGNOU and is conducted in face to face mode. The syllabus of the course is structured in such a way that on completion of the 4 years degree course, the students will learn all facts of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. They will be familiar with the practical aspects of Aeronautical Engineering through ‘hands on’ training on fully serviceable aircraft, aeroengines and aircraft systems at the academy.


      The Aviation Academy is equipped with a Learjet, a twin-engine light transport aircraft, HT2 trainer aircraft, Cessna aircraft, aircraft fuselage, piston engines, jet engines and a large number of aircraft parts for instructional purpose. It also has well-equipped Avionics laboratories with Aircraft electrical accessories, flight & engine instruments, Radio & Navigation systems and other aircraft training mock-ups. In addition to the practical training at the academy laboratories, the students are sent to Taneja Aerospace, Hosur, for “on the job” training every week. The high quality training of students at the academy has been possible due to the dedicated effort of the academy staff, who are the backbone of the academy.

      Placements by HAA

      The potential of Civil Aviation as an industry is such that, it provides enormous employment opportunities. From pilots to cabin crew, ground staff to maintenance engineers, flight catering to support service, the employment opportunities have grown with the sector. So when the number of flights has more than doubled from around 5,000 per week to 11,000 per week in recent years and the number of airports with scheduled flights has doubled to 84, newer employment opportunities are made in the aviation industry. Similarly, the rapid modernization of airports to state-of-the-art and world-class status has resulted in additional job opportunities in this sector.

      As an ongoing service, the Academy assists successful students with placements in national and international airlines. Students who have passed out from the Hindustan Aviation Academy are currently working in Civil Airlines in India and abroad. Most of the former students from the Aviation academy are well placed as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in public sector and private airlines such as Air India, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates airlines etc. All these companies have complimented HAA for the high quality of training that has been imparted, and the dedication and hard work of our students.

      AME students from the Academy go through a campus selection process by Singapore Airlines every year during their final semester.43 students out of the batch of 60 in 2009 were selected after a series of written tests and interviews. They undergo eight months of training at Singapore Airlines Engineering Company and on completion of training, these students get absorbed in to Singapore Airlines. The Singapore Airlines Engineering Company is the leader in civil aviation maintenance in Asia-Pacific, and provides technical ground handling services at Changi Airport for over 300 flights daily. The students are trained in structural repair, modification, system fault analysis and rectification of different types of modern passenger aircraft. On successful completion of training the students are employed in Singapore Airlines, and are deployed to work on Air Bus 320, Air Bus 300-600, Air Bus 380, Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 aircraft. Singapore airlines have deputed some of our ex-students to Bahrain, where they have set up a new MRO facility for the Gulf region. Some of the students who were selected last year have completed their training program at Singapore and are currently working on the most modern Airbus 380 aircraft.

      On completion of 4 Year B.Tech., degree in Aerospace engineering the avenues open to the students are HAL, DRDO Organizations, ISRO and private aeronautical establishments.

      HEA Polytechnic

      HEA Established in 1986, the Polytechnic is well known for imparting sound technical education for direct absorption into the industry. It conducts 6 Semesters Diploma courses in Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and Aeronautical Engineering. These courses are recognized by the Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Karnataka, and Approved by AICTE New Delhi. The classes are conducted by highly qualified and experienced lecturers.

      The students of the polytechnic receive practical training in fully equipped electronic laboratories, Aeronautical laboratories, computer laboratories, mechanical and automobile workshops. The academy has a well-stocked library, which contains books on aviation, management and engineering subjects

      A large number of Diploma students from HEA Polytechnic are absorbed by reputed industries every year.

      Hindustan Business School

      The Hindustan Business School conducts BBM (Bachelor of Business Management), Six Semesters course approved by Bangalore University since 1992. The successful students are assisted for offered placements in the industry / organisation by the academy.

      Contact Details

      Hindustan Academy

      Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560 037

      Tel, +91 – 80 – 25238650 / 25232217/65467129





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