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Top 10 Hot Jobs in Albany NY

Updated on July 6, 2012

Albany-Schenectady-Amsterdam Market Area

(Photos public domain)
(Photos public domain)
Madison Theater.
Madison Theater.

Albany Metro Area

The Albany metropolitan area provides jobs and careers to nearly 500,000 employed workers out of a total population of approximately one million individuals. The large metro area also encompasses part of New York's Mohawk and Hudson River Valleys.

Albany itself is both the NY State capital and the County Seat of Albany County.

Dating back before the Revolutionary War, Albany is the second oldest city in the nation, behind only New Amsterdam.

Additional major cities in the area include:

  • Saratoga Springs
  • Schenectady
  • Troy
  • Waterford

Albany is one of the Best 25 US Cities for Jobs and Business, but also the top-ranked Test Market in America, because the populace represnts a broad cross section of US residents. New businesses and products are encouraged in the region by government and business organizations. - Albany & Troy

Top 10 Jobs in Albany

The Top 10 List is a little different for mthe greater Albany Area than for many other areas in the US, because the Number One slot is taken by Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians. Most of the rest of this list of fast grwiing jobs is compelted by Information Technology (IT)/Computers, some health related jobs, several types of bill collectors, and Hazardous Materials Movers.

  1. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
  2. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  3. Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software
  4. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  5. Computer Software Engineers, Applications
  6. Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
  7. Personal and Home Care Aides
  8. Computer Systems Analysts
  9. Dental & Medical Assistants
  10. Bill and Account Collectors

The next 10 Top Jobs include health professionals for bothy humans and animals, business and customer specialiats, and Environmental Engineers for sustainable resources.

  • Veterinary Techs
  • Home Health Aides
  • Mainstream Preschool Teachers
  • Physician Assistants
  • Business Operations Specialists
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Non-farm Animal Caretakers
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
  • Environmental Engineers - sustainable energy & management.

Sustainable Energy

Wind farms are growing in this area.
Wind farms are growing in this area.

Largest Area Employers

The Top 5 Largest Employers in the Albany MSA are involved in Medical and Healthcare work and Energy.

  1. Albany Medical Hearing Center
  2. Albany Medical Center
  3. Saint Peter's Health Care
  4. GE Power Systems
  5. St. Peter's Bender Laboratory

Fast-Growing Companies include:

  • Albany Molecular Research
  • AngioDynamics
  • CORESense
  • Crystal IS
  • Intermagnetics General
  • On2 Technologies

Albany Area Transit

Albany Higher Education


Colleges & Tech Schools

Local Sports Opportunities

College Level Teams

Colleges and universities listed in the previous section are home to several sports teams that compete in on campus and off campus facilities..

Minor League Pro Teams


  • Albany Riverfront Park at Corning Preserve

  • Times Union Center

  • Empire State Plaza

  • Washington Avenue Armory Sports and Convention Arena

Preserving the Pine Bush

Along with Environmental Engineering for sustainability as a high-demand job in the Albany region, the area offers the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. This is a nature preserve of pine barrens that include pitch pines and sand dunes cut by glacial ice melt between 12,000 - 15,000 years ago. Only 20% of the oriringal Pine Bush exists in the early 21st century.

The preserve is about 6,000 acres and home to the endangered Karner Blue butterfly as well. Only 3,000 acres are legislatively protected and there are only 19 other inland pine barrens in the world.

The Albany Pine Bush has been mentioned several times in American Literature, including in Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha.

Jobs and Internships at Pine Bush: Click here.


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      nice info. on Albany, keep up the good work.