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Automotive Sales Training: Convert Every Opportunity

Updated on November 5, 2014

Got Automotive Sales Training?

Is you're search related to automotive sales training? Maybe you're looking for automotive sales tips because you're new in the business or reached a plateau in your career. What about automotive sales management training? Are you a manager or GM and your managers need help training your staff?

Automotive sales training; who's job is it anyway?

There are a lot of automotive sales training companies out there teaching a wide range of automotive sales techniques. Let's face it, the car business is different today. So as you scour the internet looking for automotive sales training articles, car sales training material and automotive business training books you want to make sure that the sales training company you select has contemporary, relevant material that fits your customer's needs and is easy for your staff to use.

Cardone On Demand is the option designed to provide you and your entire staff with real world solutions they can use daily to convert and maximize every opportunity that comes to you.

Whether you're selling BMW, Honda, Toyota, or used cars, Grant Cardone's On Demand cloud based platform will go beyond car sales training and instead provide you with immediate solutions to the problems a manager, floor sales person, internet sales person, BDC manager, service adviser face.

Consider what your company spends in advertising dollars. What is the price of one opportunity? In the digital age, your opportunities aren't just walking in the door anymore. They're calling, they're emailing, they're chatting with you. Your clients are using social media and the internet to shop for a car and a dealership to do business with.

When you decide to invest in Cardone On Demand, you and your staff will know how to help these opportunities you're spending money on to make the decision to do business with you and not the guy giving cars away down the street.

This tool, Cardone On Demand will help your people deliver a First Class Experience to everyone who encounters your dealership, be that in person, over the phone, or on the internet.

Advertising And ROI

How Do You Stay Motivated

Grant Cardone - Sales Training Advice

Why Train Your People?

In a recent workshop delivered by Grant Cardone, he told the audience of General Managers and Dealer Principles, that, your people are either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Either way, your people are your biggest opportunity.

Consider where you put the most attention based on time, energy and dollars? What do you spend on the facility, advertising, product, technology?

Now what do you invest in your people?

Your clients deserve a world class, 21st Century sales person that is motivated, well trained and fully capable of delivering the right answers daily.

You have a good group of sales people right now. Your people are NOT lazy, they ARE motivated and they are not motivated by only money. They work there for a purpose greater then themselves, just like you.

So, what does a sales person in today's economy need to be successful?

Sales people need leadership, inspiration, opportunity, purpose, pushing and positivity.

Ironically, these are the very same things missing in our culture today

The challenge for you with your people is to recognize you got good people already and then build and create a team that dominates the market. You want to make sure your store and staff gets current and relevant. Use social media, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise, they will use you and waste your people's time.

Keep showing your people what they don't know, push them to greatness!

What are the blocks to MAXIMAZING FULL POTENTIAL with your people?

Do they know the OPPORTUNITY? Do they KNOW what they're doing? Do they KNOW why they're doing it?

When it's clear there's leadership, everything else falls perfectly into place. Every GREAT team has a GREAT coach. As a General Manager/Dealer Principle, you're that great coach!

Every great successful coach, leads, pushes, challenges, and trains his team. He does it because it's the right thing to do and he cares about the success of the group, not just the individual.

Next Steps: What does a yellow light mean?

I trust you already know what a yellow light means. You got to either speed up or slow down.

Are you or is your company at a yellow light right now?

Many times people look for help because they've spent way too much time chasing success, yet still do not have a clear cut picture of not only what success means to them but how to get it.

You might be different, you may already know EXACTLY what success means to you and you need that extra edge to help maximize your plan and separate you and your company from the competition.

Yellow light means speed up, blast through, launch, pedal to the metal! 10x LEVELS of ACTION!

BUT - before you take massive levels of action to bust through a plateau or dominate in your sector, you need to have two things.

  1. The Right Attitude
  2. The Right Approach

This is exactly where Cardone On-Demand comes in. In order to Convert Every Opportunity, from digital to traditional, internet to showroom, you must have the right attitude and then the right approach to ensure that every opportunity is maximized while building a solid reputation in the market as the premier place to do business.

If you do nothing else, at least give me a call and take a few minutes to talk with me about your unique goals and challenges. My name's David Bradley, I'll show you solutions from Cardone On-Demand and we'll also look at EXACTLY how top producers across the country use Cardone On Demand every single day to operate at their highest potential.

Looking forward to blasting through that yellow with you!

David Bradley 310-777-0352 or


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