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Can you use article marketing to market a Hub?

Updated on January 9, 2013
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

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What is article marketing?

Before discussing whether article marketing is an effective method for promoting your Hubpages Hubs I will explain what article marketing is.

Article marketing is basically a really simple way of promoting your website/blog/forum or any other online property that you may own. This is how article marketing works. You write an article and publish it onto an article directory or similar site. Then you place a link to your online property on that article. The idea is that people will find your article and read it, then the hope is that the readers of your article will then click on the link you have placed on the article. To make article marketing effective, the article you have written should be about a similar topic to your website or blog. For example, you are trying to promote a website that you own dedicated to women's swimwear. In order to promote it using article marketing you would write articles about swimwear, articles like, 'How to care for your swimwear', or, 'What is a bikini?' You would write several articles like this and place links in them that take the reader to your website.

Article marketing is basically like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that lead to your website for potential customers to follow. The higher the number of articles you have pointing to your website the higher the chance of people finding your website.

Is article marketing effective when promoting a Hub?

The short answer to this is yes. Article marketing techniques can be effectively adapted and applied to promoting your Hubpage Hubs.

To use article marketing to promote your Hubs would be fairly simple. I will now attempt to show you and article marketing method that you could apply to your Hubs. The first step would be to create a Hub like this one that you are reading. Once your Hub has been written and published you would then have to write three to five articles that are on the same topic as your Hub. So for this Hub I would write three articles on topics such as; writing Hubs, promoting Hubs, and article marketing techniques. I would choose articles like these because they are similar topics to this Hubpage and so would make great relevant links and would draw in an audience that would be interested in the topic of this Hub. I would then place a html link to this Hub in each of those three articles.

The next step would be to publish those articles to an article directory to generate traffic from outside Hubpages. The directory I would first publish to would be After publishing those articles I would then write another three articles, place links to this Hub within them and publish them to another article directory. I would then repeat this process at least 5 times, which would give me 15 articles, on several different platforms pointing to this Hubpage. This would help people to find this Hubpage easier and it will create back links to the Hub thus making it rank higher in the Google rankings. This would help to get the Hub to the front page of Google for the chosen keywords, therefore generating more traffic for the Hub.

There are loads of article directories and other such platforms that you can use for your article marketing endeavors.

The following is a list of sites you can publish your articles to:

There are many other sites that you can use. It is best to use article directories that are high quality and have a good PR ranking so that the back links on your articles are considered high quality by Google.


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