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CashCrate Scam or Legit Work From Home Job? CashCrate Review

Updated on September 11, 2014

CashCrate Scam or Legit Work From Home Opportunity?

CashCrate is not a scam! Some people seem to think it is. That's because they haven't tried it yet and think it's too good to be true. Well, at least that's what I think. I can't see any reason why anybody would call it a scam. I have been using CashCrate for over a month and already have been paid by them. They pay out once a month. CashCrate is a legit work from home job that is an easy way to make money from small online jobs and doing free trial offers. CashCrate is how to make money online without having to invest any money! My first paycheck was for 2 weeks in which I only worked for a few hours and earned $25. This is a great way to earn extra income. My last 11 days I have earned $34 already with only about an hour or so of work.

Getting Started Making Money Online With CashCrate

You might have heard of CashCrate while searching for " How to make money online " or " How to get free money online " or " Work From Home Jobs " ETC. CashCrate is not a scam, and it's one of the easiest ways to make money online. Most people won't get rich doing CashCrate but how much you earn is up to you. I will get into some of the ways to make money online using CashCrate later in the article. CashCrate is a legit work from home opportunity to make some decent money easily online.

I signed up for CashCrate over a month ago. They will give you $1 just to sign up for free! Then they will give you about 50 cents for filling out your basic profile that takes just a few minutes. You can sign up for free It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you are ready to start with an easy way to make money online!

CashCrate Earnings 11 Days

My CashCrate earning for the first 11 days of June.
My CashCrate earning for the first 11 days of June.

How To Make Money Online Taking Surveys On CashCrate

There are many easy ways to make money online using CashCrate, and I have tried them all. The most popular way for most people is to make money by doing daily surveys. Unlike other survey sites, CashCrate has a lot of surveys that are easier to qualify for. They also have daily surveys that you can take every day to earn money. The daily surveys are located in the surveys tab. In this tab you can normally find surveys that up to a few dollars for just 20 minutes of your time answering survey questions. There are two other survey tabs where you can make money doing surveys. One is called top surveys and the other is bonus surveys. The top surveys are just different surveys that pay about the same amount, but you can answer little profile surveys that can help match you up with surveys that you are more likely to qualify for. You get paid for these little surveys between like 10-25 cents each and they take just a couple minutes or even seconds to complete. They will also save you time in the future when taking other surveys. Bonus surveys just have some other surveys and some video you can watch to earn as well. So many people say "I need money" while they could be earning extra income by using CashCrate. Copy and paste this link to sign up free

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How To Make Money Online With Cash Offers On CashCrate

The easiest and best way to earn money is doing the cash offers. These are under the first green tab that says offers on the left side. There are many different types of offers like downloading free apps to your smart phone or tablet or signing up for free samples. The ones I do the most are the ones that you just have to click through some pages, answer a few simple and quick questions and then click on two offers. You then get paid between 50 cents and 2 dollars. It takes just 5 minutes to complete this type of offer so that's pretty easy money. There's just one problem I have had lately, a few of my offers are still pending. I have contacted CashCrate about this yesterday and am awaiting their reply. I usually get paid right away, but for some of the offers they are still in pending status. But with all of the offers I have gotten paid for its still my favorite thing to do to make money online. Another way to get paid under the offers tab is to click on the RadioLoyalty tab that will pay you 3 cents for every 30 minutes of music you listen to. You can even put it on mute if you want!

CashCrate Cash Offers

CashCrate Cash Offers Example
CashCrate Cash Offers Example

CashCrate Bonus Offers

CashCrate Bonus Offers example. Click to enlarge photo.
CashCrate Bonus Offers example. Click to enlarge photo.

How To Make Money Online With Bonus Offers

Bonus offers on CashCrate are usually doing free trial. You can do free trials like GameFly for 30 days and just cancel before the end of it. You will get paid right away for signing up for free. These bonus offers pay up to $18 and many of them are just for signing up for a free trial. I got paid $8 for signing up for a free trial for I just cancelled at the end and never got charged for anything, but I made $8 for nothing! That's free money! Bonus offers are another great way to earn on CashCrate.

How To Make Money Online With CashCrate Referrals

The CashCrate referral program is awesome. There are 5 different levels of the referral program that you can get to. On the first level you get 20% for the cash offers that your referrals complete and you also get 5 cents for each survey and bonus offer completed by your referral. You also get 10% of what their referrals make too. You also get a $3 bonus for when every referral makes their first $10. The first level of the referral program is bronze. The second level is silver. You need 50 active referrals in order to get this. You will now earn 25% instead of 20% for your referrals cash offers. You'll also get paid on the first of the month instead of the 15th and you can choose to get $1 per active referral instead of $3 for when they earn their first $10. You also can choose to get paid by direct deposit instead of check. You need 150 referrals to get the gold level. Gold level will get 15% instead of 10% for the referrals that your referrals get. You need 30 referrals to get platinum level and it will get you 30% of the cash offers your referral completes. The last level is Elite and it takes 500 referrals to get to. It will get you 20% of what your referral's referrals make. Also, you can get weekly payments. The referral program is a great opportunity to make even more easy money online! Get a CashCrate account free now and start making easy money today. Cop and paste this address to sign up free

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