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How To Make Money Online Writing - 3 Top Paying Sites

Updated on September 11, 2014

3 Best Work From Home Writing Jobs & My Experience

The 3 best writing work at home jobs are Hub Pages, TextBroker & Bubblews. I will go over each one of them in more detail underneath this introduction. I have been working online jobs since 2011, when I lost my good paying career job with the Government. I was fed up with the way they treat us, so I started looking for ways to make money online. I had to find out how to make money from home, so I did a lot of research & trial & error. This year I finally discovered the 3 best paying jobs online, and they are all writing jobs. They are actually not jobs at all but opportunities to make money when you want to. These are some of the few legitimate work from home jobs that pay well and give you an opportunity to make as much money as you work for. I love the flexibility to work whenever I want!

I have had a lot of experiences over the past few years with working online. I had a lot of failures, but it is finally paying off. Many companies pay you very little for the work you do online and you can only make so much, but not these 3 companies. They pay the most out of any companies I have worked for online and there's opportunity to make as much cash as you have time to make! There's no running out of work for you to do or anything like that. You can seriously have enough work to work the whole day 7 days a week if you want, or you can work as little as a few minutes per week. You may have found my article by searching "I need money" or "How to make money online" or "free money" or "online jobs" and you have just saved yourself a few years of trial, error & research. I will write about these 3 top paying online companies in order from best to least best, but the reality is they are so close. It's hard to choose which one is my favorite ways to make money fast.

Work From Home Jobs That Pay
Work From Home Jobs That Pay

HubPages Earnings Program Pays Well

Hub Pages Earnings program is better than it used to be. Writers on Hub Pages earn money through different ways. One way is that you can place affiliate ads from EBay and Amazon onto your article. You can use your own account or the Hub Pages account. EBay & Amazon pay you a percentage of the purchase if somebody clicks on their link from your article and buys something. You have to check with EBay and Amazon to see what the current percentage is. Also check with Hub Pages because they can change the percentage at any time so I won't post it here. I don't make any money at all using these methods, but I'm still happy with Hub Pages because of other ways to earn money.

You can also earn money on Hub Pages by how many unique visitors you get to each of your articles. They will pay you a certain amount for each unique visitor to your page. Once again, they can change the amount you get at any time so I won't post it here. Ok, I'll tell you. I'm actually not sure how much I get per view, but I think it is around 1 cent per 2 unique visitors but I'm not exactly sure. That is just an estimate for the time of writing this article. One more way to earn money using Hub Pages is with Google AdSense. I do not make much money using this method. Most of my money on Hub Pages comes from them paying per view. I love Hub Pages because it's all passive income. Once I write the article/Hub then I am done and it can continue making money without any more work!

TextBroker make money from home as a writer
TextBroker make money from home as a writer

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TextBroker Pays Per Word

TextBroker can be a great place to make extra money by doing simple writing assignments for various employers on many different topics. They pay you per word you write, and most articles are between 300-800 words. They pay you based on your writing quality rating. Most people are a 3 star rating that pays 1 cent per word at the time of this article, but it is not too hard to become a 4 star writer, which pays 1.4 cents per word. As a 3 star writer you can make some good extra cash writing for TextBroker. As a 4 star writer you could actually make a living doing it because there are way more writing jobs available. There are so many 4 star articles available every day that could keep you busy writing all day if you wanted. You probably could make around a thousand dollars a month writing as a 4 star writer. A 5 star writer gets 5 cents per word and that could really earn you a lot of money writing, and there are usually a lot of 5 star articles available to be written. You also can join writing teams as a 4 star writer and they can pay any amount per word, but will never be less than 1.76 cents per word I believe. Many of them pay over 2 cents per word. Another way you can get more writing assignment is through direct orders from the employer who can hire you directly for jobs, which you can set the price!

The way the writer rating system works is that they rate you in how well you write in English. They will rate in every aspect, but the main aspect is punctuation. They are very serious about punctuation. If you can master punctuation then you can easily be a 4 star writer or even a 5 star writer. I don't know much about being a 5 star writer because I have not gotten there yet. There is some great software like Grammarly and White Smoke that can really help achieve a 4 or 5 star rating as a writer so you can make more money. This can be one of the best work from home jobs for writers.

Bubblews easy money online
Bubblews easy money online

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Bubblews is Like Free Money

Bubblews feels like free money and here's why: You can write up to 10 articles (bubbles) per day about anything you want. You don't have to have perfect English or grammar, but it does have to be in English. Your writing mistakes will not count against you. Each Bubble only has to be a minimum of 400 characters! I can write that in just a couple minutes. You get paid for each view, like and comment on your bubble. The way to really earn using Bubblews is to make a lot of connections. You can follow other writers and they normally will follow you back. Like and comment on their bubbles and they will probably do the same for you. Making a lot of connections is the key to earning on Bubblews.

You can actually earn passive income on Bubblews. You’re paid 1 cent for each like, 1 cent per view and 1 cent per comment. I just started using Bubblews a month ago and I love it. I am still working on building my connections, and I already get an average of around 50 cents per bubble that only takes a couple minutes to write and it's fun! Later when I have more connections; I expect that I will get more money per Bubble. I see many others making over a dollar per bubble. I'm sure you can make even more than that depending on how many connections you have with others. My goal right now is to get to making $1 per bubble per week. Remember that you can write ten in a day, but the money can keep coming in and never stop if you have a lot of connections. It's passive income! Bubblews is a great place to write and make easy money, because of the freedom and it's so fun. I make more on Hub Pages so this is my favorite for now, but I have more fun writing on Bubblews because it's laid back and I talk to a lot of other writers there. This is indeed one of the best work from home jobs. My Bubblews user name is TheTruthSeeker, follow me there if you like and maybe we can help each other earn money.

You can find me on Bubblews at

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    • dwnlyn profile image

      Dawn Thompson 2 years ago from Dayton, TX

      I did enjoy Bubblews and I'm still a member. Just very disappointed in the forum constantly changing with little to no warning.

      I have come across tsu. They pay you for your original content. Check it out.