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Bubblews Review: How To Make Money Online Easy

Updated on September 12, 2014

Video on How To Create a Bubblews Account

Bubblews Scam or Legit Work from Home Online Job

It is a legit work from home job! Many people wonder if it is a scam or actually legit; I tried it out. I have been using Bubblews now for 6.5 weeks and it is awesome. I actually only spent a little time on it each week, because I am working on so many other things. I am now spending more and more time on Bubblews, because I have discovered that it is one of the quickest ways to make money online and the easiest way to make money online. I plan to spend much more time on Bubblews so I can earn more money. This work from home job is so easy. It takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning, but it easy work to do. Over time you will earn more and more and more!!! Bubblews is also a lot of fun! You can find me on Bubblews at

Bubblews make easy money online
Bubblews make easy money online

How Do You Make Money on Bubblews

You have to write short little articles that are at least 400 characters, which usually equals around 100 words for me. That can be done in 1-2 minutes! Your grammar and spelling do not matter. You just need to write in English. You can write up to 10 bubbles per day. You get paid 1 cent for each view your bubble gets; 1 cent for each like; and 1 cent for each comment. It doesn't sound like much but it can add up really quick. You can share your bubbles on any social media platform, but they have buttons for Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest right on the page. Your articles can be about anything you want as long as it's nothing that violates their terms of service, which are similar to Facebook's. Don't right about anything bad and you should be fine. I will post a list of their terms at the end of the article. It's so fun and easy to make money online with Bubblews, because you only have to write 400 characters, can write about whatever you want and don't have to worry about spelling or grammar. Anybody can make money online with this work from home job. This is one of the best online jobs I have come across.

Bubblews Profile Preview

Bubblews Profile Preview
Bubblews Profile Preview

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Best Ways to Make Money Online with Bubblews

You can also go to Facebook and Twitter to get good connections. Go to twitter and search the hashtag of Bubblews and see who are sharing other people’s bubbles. These will make very good connections because they might share your bubbles too! Also, go to Facebook groups about bubblews and you can find many bubblers there looking to make connections and trading likes for likes. You also need to keep up with posting every day to build up your posts so you have enough for people to keep liking and earning you more and more money!

Another thing you can do is to get friends and family to join Bubblews as well and support each other making easy money online using Bubblews. Many people on Bubblews are from India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. and they make a lot of their money from friends and family I think.

Also, make sure you always check your notifications and when somebody likes your bubble or comments on it, be sure to do it back right away so they might see it and continue it with you every day. Also, it's good to see when your connections have posted a bubble so you can be the first to like and comment on it and they may return the favor.

Bubblews Bubble Preview

This is what a Bubble may look like on Bubblews.
This is what a Bubble may look like on Bubblews.

Things to Avoid to Keep Your Account Active

It's very important to follow the rules on Bubblews because I have read that many people have lost their account for breaking the rules and lost what they earned. It's simple to follow the rules, but many I see still don't. I for one do not want to lose my money and account! The rules are simple. Check out their website to see a complete list of the terms of service. It's really not too much to read and you should read it.

Here are a few of the key rules to follow:

  1. Post must be 400 characters
  2. Photos used must be your own or licensed by PixaBay on Bubblews
  3. Cannot contain Plagiarized or infringing words or images, misattributed or falsified content, porno, obscene, pseudo porno, invasive or defamatory content,
  4. No falsified user info, affiliate or referral links, cannot directly or indirectly generate comments, views or likes

How have you earned money online?

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