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Change Bad Habits you360

Updated on April 1, 2009
You need to replace a bad habit with a good habit to succeed and change!
You need to replace a bad habit with a good habit to succeed and change!

GAP (grab a pen)

Preview 8... In my last article I was saying, whatever habits that you decide to bring to the table, they will definitely have a major impact on you and on your business. So, I ask, what habits might you be bringing to the table? What are some of you habits? GAP (grab a pen) and write them down where you can easily find them and review your habits daily.

Here is a partial list of some good habits ..having a good:

  • work habit
  • loyalty habit
  • honesty habit
  • compassionate habit
  • dedicated habit
  • willingness habit
  • attitude habit
  • choice habit
  • commitment habit
  • action habit
  • enthusiasm habit
  • self responsible habit
  • self determined habit
  • self discipline habit
  • self motivated habit
  • self functional habit
  • humor habit

and of course the fun habit; just to name a few.

Now let's take a look at some of the bad habits and what they may be costing you. The number one bad habit in my new book, you360, is procrastinationand how about these:

  • anger habit
  • impatient habit
  • dishonesty habit
  • cheating habit
  • fear of failure habit
  • self doubt habit
  • skepticism habit
  • shyness habit
  • laziness habit
  • poor organization habit
  • lack of discipline habit
  • time management habit
  • low self esteem habit


This is just a partial list of the good and bad habits that can affect the outcome of your business. They are really so elementary, yet one word, just one statement can change your results. You can change your results just by changing some of your bad habits.

And never forget, all habits are equal. The reason being is, that, it's just as hard to break a bad habit, as it is to break a good habit.

Example, it's just as hard to stop smoking, as it is to start smoking. It's just as hard to forget how to ride a bicycle, as it is to learn how to ride the bicycle. Make sense?

So, remember ladies and gentlemen....

"For thing to change, you have to change.

For things to get better, you've got to get better.

To have more, you have to become more.

And the first step to becoming more, is the decision to begin."

I've mentioned some good habits and I've also mentioned some bad habits. I said, some people would bring good habits to the table that will get them off to a fast start in their business and keep them on the right track. While some others, will bring bad habits to the table that will be detrimental to their business.

I said, “All habits are equal.” And to get rid of a bad habit, you will have to replace it with a good habit, a positive habit, and a productive habit.

Example, it's just as hard for a professional body builder to break the habit of going to the gym it is for the novice body builder to get to the gym everyday. What keeps the novice body builder from going to the gym everyday is unimportant. It could be something major, or it could be something minor, really, it could be anything. It really doesn't matter.

The key is...

...that, anything that keeps you from sticking to your DMO (daily method of operation) on a daily bases is going to affect the success of your business. See, what's significant about this concept, is the payback. See, when you develop a good habit, you're going to reap the benefit of that habit for the rest of your life. On the other hand of course, if you develop a bad habit, you're going to experience the consequence of that bad habit for the rest of your life also. Hmmmmm?

As I said, all habits, good or bad are equal.

“Equally hard to break and equally hard to establish.”

It's your choice you know!!

Until the next time, as I have told you before, be sure to drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two -four ounces of the "best tasting aloe vera" everyday.

Know your supplier.

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    • profile image

      candy 7 years ago

      it wz really intersting...

      u said a very perfect thing..."all habits are equal"

      i totally agree 2 ur words....

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 8 years ago

      Chaser4 ...having owned a small chain of beauty salons for over ? years.  "You thought I was going to tell you how old I am LOL"....I have really observed so many of the things you see on the list.  Some of them are really hard to believe "dishonesty" on the bad habits list. 

      It is amazing that some people think this is their right.  I have observed this type of person justifies their behavior ...making it a habit. In the beauty salons, I would either have to change a rule to stop them or let them go.  It is a hard habit to change for that person.  Learned behavior ..I suppose.  I was never too sure about the total reason.  Perhaps they never had the great moral training...along with sincere love ... that I got from my parents.

      I could just write a book on honesty habits alone.  I do hope if someone reads this and is on the dishonesty track ..that they would really stop and think and then put it at the top of the their list.

      I was raised to believe that if my father or mother laid a penny on the table, and it belonged to them was theirs and no one better pick it up.  Now you can ask for it, but you better not pick it up and take it for yourself.

      So, when I came across so much dishonesty in my career, I found it a real eye opener.  It made me so sad at first ..I felt it was being done to me, but I found that it was just their habit and they would take it with them where ever they would go.  The "you" part of their work habits and possibly in their life.  Really sad.

      Now the good ones are ones that have to be developed and appreciated and then developed further as you see the results.

      So ...I will end this before I write a new hub in the comments.  But always remember "all habits are equal!"

      Good to see you chaser4 ...stop by again ..always good to see you.  My best to your success and your health!

    • chaser4 profile image

      chaser4 8 years ago

      Hey gjcody...where did you find all those habits? Good and bad, somewhere along the trail, I've had the chance to run into a whole bunch...that you have on the list.

      Guess what....they are all real. ...they absolutely exist!!!

      Most people don't realize it until they're hit right between the eyes with them. Or should I say...brought to their attention.

      I agree, keep the info pipeline full. ..... enjoy the hubs.