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How Google Sponsored Ads could be helpful– Understanding Google Advertising

Updated on August 2, 2010
Ads by Google
Ads by Google

Google Advertising is a program to help organizations and individuals to advertise their products and services to consumers via Internet and search engine marketing. It is a platform to provide information to targeted users about latest and unique products. But we, hubbers and bloggers always have a habit of overlooking Google Sponsored Ads. Even though we ignore these ads, we always want our readers to click on the ads displayed within the text to earn some money from Google AdSense clicks. But the question is ‘should we always ignore and do not click the Google Ads?’ I know most people always ignore these ads on each and every site they visit. Everybody wants to get rich but nobody clicks on other person’s ads to let him/her earn a single penny.

If you always ignore Google Ads, you are simply overlooking the wealth of information you could have gain just by clicking the text links. Most advertisers opt for advertising with Google to market their latest products and services. If you habitually ignore Google text ads, you miss a lot of useful information about latest products, which could have been gained and utilized by using that awesome product or service. Even you could have encashed the idea by writing a unique hub/article about the new product with the information gained by clicking AdSense ads.

Google Sponsored Ads and Clicks
Google Sponsored Ads and Clicks
Google AdSense
Google AdSense

Understanding Google Advertising

It is true we should not click Google Sponsored Ads and links associated with our AdSense code. But there is no harm to click on ads with other person’s adsense code, if you feel the information is worth looking. By clicking the google ads, nothing is going from your pocket; even there are chances that you may use the information for your next article to increase google ad revenue and at the same time you are helping other person to earn some extra money with google clicks.

Google AdSense is a great and win-win program for everyone, advertisers want their information and brand to reach with as many people as possible using Google AdWords. And we as publishers are happy to earn something from our writing through Google adsense ads and Google is happy from both ways by getting a commission to provide a great platform for both advertisers and publishers. So, I’ll suggest you to always check out the google sponsored ads and links on the web pages you visit to find the latest products and services that google advertisers are offering you and avoid the habit of overlooking and ignoring google ads.

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