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Ebay Suspension Ebooks Stealth Book Review----------The Sourcerers Guide

Updated on August 24, 2013

Suspended eBay Account? Get back on Paypal and eBay

If your eBay account is suspended or your PayPal account is constrained and you don't comprehend what to do, then you need to study this.

A good number people at some point in their eBay pursuance have been suspended from eBay; many for unproblematic and some for more multiplex reasons. Moreover and more importantly the absolute majority have been trying to figure out how to get back on to eBay anonymously following their suspensions. If you have been unlucky enough to find yourself in this standing then my guess is you have also been inquiring infinitely for a resolution to assist your passive return.

There are numerous costly guides, free forum advice and also some very detrimental tokens of information to be accessed by each and every suspended ebayer online; all of which offer different viewpoints and can be extremely controversial to the everyday surfer.

Which? where?, how much?, how little? should be invested in your new eBay account. Should you use legitimate honest information or fake it to make it this time around?

Following my countless after midnight searches and endless purchases seeking the resolution for my own eBay dilemma I decided instead of it having been a worthless exercise It may be of great benefit to others if I were to share my findings.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list; however it may prove useful and could save someone a pretty penny or two not to mention something no one can get back be they rich or poor.......TIME

The following publications have all been purchased by me throughout the last 12 months in my attempt to return to eBay permanently. Of course as you would expect all of them promote the same end result. That is to get you a fully workable anonymous eBay and PayPal account using some legal and sad to say other not so legal fraudulent methods.

The main areas that they all emphasise are:-

Ensure that your computer is clean before you apply for a new E-bay account.

1. Use Firefox instead of internet explorer to adequately remove your cookies and surfing tracks. The reason to delete your browser cookies and saved passwords is because eBay leaves cookies on your PC with your eBay username and password and some browsers automatically log you in which could obviously jeopardise any new account you establish.

2. Uninstall any eBay related software such as turbo lister

3. change your IP address

4. Create a new identity that you can also use everywhere else, not just on eBay.

5. Get a new email address, Gmail or yahoo and ad this to your PayPal account to prevent connection with old email address for accepting your eBay payments.

6. get a new phone number or as they simply put it use call forwarding to save you the hassle of changing your existing number such as (

7. get a gift card credit card which has visa or MasterCard logo

8. Then apply for new your eBay and PayPal account using total new identity information. To verify your account if you are a seller you need to enter bank details and unfortunately the majority of these publications advise using bogus information to do this. (to my surprise and ethical delight this is not always necessary though)

9. Make sure you use eBay image hosting instead of on your own server. Every image you use can be identified right down to what type of camera was used if necessary.

10. Start selling slowly.

There you have it voila!!! Surprisingly enough there is a charge for the above information from many of these so called authors and truly this is what you will receive for your well earned cash from these (quick to make a buck scammers).

But I’m relieved to say there are an elite few out there who have put forth time, effort and diligence to provide intelligent straight forward guides with all the information required of you to establish and retain a new eBay account and the bonus is they issue frequent updates which are provided free.


Now, onto my unbiased ebook review.

The first eBook is by Robert Windsor and is appropriately called:

The first eBook which I had seriously pinned my hopes on had so much written about it online. To the point in my naivety I actually believed I was purchasing the how to get back on eBay bible. This was going to be the answer to my prayers and solve all my eBay nightmares. He offered a very interesting free view which whet my appetite.

I was initially very impressed with this publication. It appeared to be a logical step by step guide to obtaining my new account; this was not a magazine article it had evidently been researched by the author. It was clear and concise with over 150 pages of information which gave me many valid points to consider. It was obvious the author had put effort and time into compiling this eBay eBook. I was at this point content and thoroughly believed it was money well spent. So I began following his steps one by one until I stumbled upon a problem, I attempted to make use of the resources he supplied which I have to say in comparison to the rest of his book were very poor and easily found by doing a basic Google search. Thinking I had nothing better to do than write and request a little support that is exactly what I done, not once, not twice but numerous times.

He failed to reply to my emails which consequently prompted me to do a search on him. His guide in my estimations from that point fast became an obvious self advertising campaign. (I will explain why)

This eBook pushes you to buy a monthly subscription for an email service which he calls Flyswatter, he emphasises that without this you will definitely be suspended again, there is absolutely no way possible you can make use of free email like yahoo or Gmail to open up a new account. Needless to say with the stress put on this I guarantee there were more than a few people that signed up for this without realising it was ploy.

I completed a search on this site and the author; to my surprise I found that he actually owned the domain The address of the email service he was promoting.

He not only asked for $30 to purchase his eBook but furthermore wanted to get a monthly payment from every purchaser thereafter. This seemed pretty unreasonable to me topped with the fact he would not answer my emails I began to consider the validity of his information overall. I also found much of it to be outdated when I pursued his advice and attempted to make use of it.

My initial pleasure rapidly changed to discontentment and I have to say my search continued to find the ultimate return to eBay guide. Am I amazed that this eBook is no longer in circulation “NO”

I hope the author decides to bring his work up to date and sincerely hope we see it back online minus the email promotion; I honestly believe this book could have been the answer and was probably useful in it’s time. My obvious apprehensiveness was with the self promotion and lies about the need for a costly email service and true lack of customer support. This polluted his authenticity in my eyes..

How2eBayAgain by JD’s 7 Sins (£6.99)

As you would expect, being only 26 pages in length, you will receive exactly what you pay for; this is just one individuals effort to enlighten you as to their own troublesome trials to get back on eBay. With the result the amount and depth ofinformation offered is extremely sketchy. This actually reminded me of many forum inserts of free info. With no real direction or research base to it.

The book or as I see it is better referred to as a pamphlet can easily be transferred from PC to PC if you so desire. WHY? To be frank in my opinion this is only possible because there is no real value to be shared. If you believe misspelling your name and offering fraudulent details is the answer then ignore this insert and be my guest to kissing your' money goodbye. There is definitely no way this guide would come close to assisting your safe return to eBay and I can assure you if it is support and customer service you require then their after sales service is non existent. I attempted to communicate with them on several points and received no response.

Another very important factor in the ever changing eBay world is the lack of up to date information given in this publication. My advice would be to keep the small change in your pocket as I guarantee you will have read, heard and seen all they have to offer online for free and if you haven't then you are not seriously seeking to get back on eBay.

EBAY SOLUTION by Lynnie $20.65 / £9.99

This is also a less expensive guide which also had been advertised well. On receipt I found this eBook to be a minuscule (6 pages) nevertheless it offers a very brief combination of some fascinating and useful facts. But this is hastily tainted by their advice to utilise a fake name, address and bank account. (Doesn’t take a genius to work that one out)

What you are paying for here is actually a few paragraphs that advise you to resolve your issues by doing your own Google search and also instructs you to ask the assistance of your ISP. Rather than providing a clear step by step guide for you with solutions to recover from your suspension as is stated.

It is more a self help pointer, there are no resources offered other than a list of wholesalers which is pretty comical if you cannot get back to selling. There are also several references to which if you are like I an avid forum freak you will already know is a popular eBay suspension forum.

It begs the question as to why this was necessary as this poor attempt at a book does no one justice. There is no support and no mentioned forthcoming updates. This publication appears to have been compiled quickly for some persons gain and I am not referring to banned eBayers here.

This proved extremely inadequate at meeting it's stated objectives and was beyond doubt a time consuming fruitless adventure (about as useful as reading your local daily rag.)

A few months passed and I did attempt to get a new eBay account utilising a combination of the information provided by these eBooks a few times but surprise surprise each one was suspended.

I did succumb to looking for other means of income; but as most of you already know the online auction market is suffocated by eBay. No other site compares. I relied on that income I guess foolishly, and I was now finding it difficult to survive financially without getting into more debt month by month. That is when a friend recommended I purchase this next publication as they had found it to be of great assistance. I was really in no position to argue. I downloaded their free preview and have to say I was secretly impressed with what I read. There was more in this freeview than I had received in many of the other completed eBooks. That is what convinced me to make the purchase.

EBay Replay by Zyda-Capital $34.95

On receipt I found this to be another one of those protected eBooks that are locked to one pc. My initial reaction was why??? But if you only plan to use this product for what it is intended then you do not need to concern yourself about this. Again if like I you are worried about the cost and your finances are tight then they do welcome you to browse their 40 free view pages before buying. FREEVIEW

Real people process your unlock key “hurrah for humans” they do not operate an automatic key generated system therefore if you run into difficulty they are there to help. It has well over 200 pages of information. This compilation is an actual pleasure to browse and includes some humorous although probably unnecessary pictures to amuse the reader as they journey through the stages which are laid out in a logical fashion. It goes into more detail than I have read or heard anywhere online of the steps required to open a new account the legal way.

They do not advise using any false or illegal information and emphasise the reason for this is having longevity and security with your new account as being of paramount importance; particularly if you rely on your eBay income for your livelihood like I and they clearly show you how to do it all legally.

The first thing I noticed was how up to date the information was and how they provide free updates for life. This is a publication that plans to be there for the duration not just a seasonal attempt to steal your money. The authors have made the effort to ensure this eBook can be easily followed and they even include a few free programs to set your’ new account up with as well as an profuse resource page with actual links that will assist you to put all necessary steps in place.

I emphasise this is not a ready made account neither will it be up and running in two or three days.

If you are serious about this though I’m sure you won’t mind taking a couple of weeks to set this up the right way. Another very important factor here is the support offered from this company, which I have to say is second to none of the others. I deliberately sent a few silly requests for help to assess response time and attitude. They responded within maximum 24 hours each time but mostly within the same hour both politely and adequately addressing my issues. I felt secure that should I need any help they would endeavour to provide it to the best of their ability. Three months on and I am more than happy to tell you I have a new account which has been up and running for over two months. I have received two more updates with fresh information to keep me ahead of the eBay jungle. This was all done legally. Yes it is possible folks.

EBay Stealth by mike. $37

Call me over presumptuous if need be but here I was expecting something amazing and a decent size publication considering the amount of free info that is provided on the forum.

This is actually only 35 pages total. Not that this book is not interesting but to be fair it only compounds what has already been made available free. It also continually tells you to utilise bogus information throughout to establish your new account. “Bogus information only stands as long as you can in quicksand” We could all lie without paying $30 to do so.

This book shows you how to open numerous accounts, illegally so you can play hopscotch with them as you see one fall you hop onto another never truly having a hard standing to base yourself ever again.One very good plus this ebook does have though above some others is the available customer support if needed.

What really perturbed me was the amount of self promotion this eBook has online and I find it pitiful that the author mike had to mock all the other eBook authors and call them scammers in his small classified ads and self inserts on various forums for charging for their work.

He initially offered all his information free on this site in November 2007 then this increased to $2 which is still stated in the properties page of his eBook of which the title reads (glad you decided to buy this insanely pricey $2 eBook) “possibly needs an update now I think”

Now he has placed a value of $37 on his information which really is directed at newbie’s,

So much for the $30 scam eBooks out there.!!!

I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed with this compilation although it took time and energy it has all been said before and as I already said I am an avid forum freak so can vouch all you are paying for here is to have a summarised version of info instead of spending time searching and putting it into place yourself.

But If you are an eBay virgin or simply hate to search for info and also do not mind making up lies this ebook will suit your needs. I'm just relieved I was not relying on this guide to help me get back on eBay.

Please share your suspension experiences and reviews on any publications you have used and/ or read....on this subject

 Here are a few suggested articles you may find beneficial if you deal with ebay seriously.


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    • profile image

      Dorian Lacey 

      3 years ago

      Has anyone tried the eBay Incognito by Auction Essistance?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      but your paypal account will ask you to send a copy of your passport or other form of ID before too long, so what do you do when the name on that doesn't match they name-modification you propose ? Do you think they haven't thought of that already, and paypal also ask for proof of address, and if that matches the one ebay hold you are fucked mate.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Easy to bypass Hitler Ebay. They look for ip address, name , cookies, same pictures, same style listing and bank details. They have no way to verify the bank account name with the bank account number.

      Create a new modification of your name and another bank account with a prepaid credit card and prepaid mobile number.........use a separate log on with your computer so it is clean. Viola... a new unlinked ebay account.

    • salmmm22 profile image


      9 years ago from Ashland, OH United States

      stealth says 100% legally now. Is that an update?

      Also, have you found success yet?


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