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Employment and Job opportunities in G.C.C Countries

Updated on November 28, 2012


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Jobs in Middle East

Jobs and Employment Opportunities

The G.C.C. stands for Gulf Co-operative council. It has Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain as member states. This is the world’s one of richest region. This is oil rich region. Saudi Arabia is world’s largest producer of oil, followed by Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. This is not the only industry growing here. Qatar is the new to the list of rich. Qatar is third biggest producer of gas in the world. It has given these states ample space and money for development.

Per Capita Income of the Region

The oil production is at heart of growth and development of this region. These are most rich countries with every one having huge surplus. This surplus has been converted into Sovereign Wealth Fund for the future of future generations. These funds invest across world and across sectors to save the money for the future needs of its population. The KIA ( Kuwait Investment Authority) is sovereign fund of Kuwait managing in the range of $700 Billion and the biggest of all is Abu Dhabi’s ADIA and others government own funds together managing well above $ 800 billion to 900 billion. The newly rich but most active and most vocal is the Qatar Sovereign Fund. It may be small compared to others but growing very fast and catching up with others. Most importantly they are the most aggressive and most active of all funds. The biggest economy of the region is Saudi Arabia. World’s biggest oil producer and biggest of all G.C.C. Countries is Saudi Arabia. It has vast reserves of oil and gas. It is continuously increasing its capacity and also reserve production. The high oil prices have benefitted the Saudi Arabia. It has started very big development plan which will diversify its economy from oil base to alternatives. It will increase the other sectors contribution to the GDP to substantially high to 35% to 50% over the period of time. The high oil prices have definitely helped rich country to spend huge money on development plan to create jobs for local youths and change the direction of the growth and development.

These are the rich countries by all means of richness. Even though many development indexes have enough space to further improvement but this is world’s most cash rich region. The Qatar is richest of all and will be soon world’s richest country. This is because of its fast development in last five years or so. The present Per Capita Income is well above the $100,000 other countries are not far behind followed by U.A.E., Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The free cash has given rise to luxury living styles and retail boom. This will continue to be world’s most happening region in the time of Financial Gloom in developed world.

Expatriate workers and their role in Development

If we look at demography of each of these countries, you will find more expatriate workers than locals in every country. If we look at UAE, the second biggest economy of the region, it has almost 87 percent expatriates of the total population. The total population of UAE is 7.26 million. The total population of Qatar is in the range of 1.8 million of this almost 80 percent are Expatriate workers. The third country is Kuwait with total population of 3.5 million of this 70% are expatriates. These numbers clearly indicates the importance of expatriates in the economies of these countries and the role these expatriate members must of in the growth story.

Expatriate workers are the key drivers of growth and development in every sector. Oil and Gas has most number of expatriates actually working in the field. The hospitality, travel and tourism is the booming area of expatriates importance in these sector. All very critical function and senior management are managed by the expatriate’s workers. Nationals are usually in the government departments and at middle management.

Jobs and Employment Country Analysis

· Jobs in U.A.E

UAE is the formation seven sister states coming together to create a nation. They are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah , and Umm Al Quwain. These are the seven independent Principalities ruled by emirs. UAE is biggest employer of the expatriate worker and has diversified economy. Out of these Abu Dhabi has Oil and Gas and is one of OPEC member state and big producer of oil and gas. It has one of the world’s biggest SWF. These seven states have independent policies and businesses still has always helped each other’s growth. The most important of these for creating jobs and employment opportunity are Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai is all about luxury and leisure. Dubai is real story of courage, imagination and vision. This is all about leadership translating vision into reality. This is Dubai, where customer matters and hospitality shines. Dubai is created in desert, where only strong people can create Oasis. Dubai is artificially created Oasis is desert.

Dubai is about Hospitality, Travel and Tourism. All of the businesses are finely woven around this central thread. Biggest Job Opportunity in Dubai is Hospitality, Travel and Tourism. The total number of hotel rooms in Dubai is more than 67,000 and it will another 14,000 are under construction. Dubai has ambitious project of increasing this number to 141,000 hotel rooms. Dubai has 577 hotels and 57,671 hotel apartments. This is a big number. Total numbers of guest nights in 2011 were 32.8 million and total revenue was 16 billion DH. This sector is performing extremely well even though there is financial crisis in the world. This sector will remain the single largest recruiter in the years to come.

The second best performing sector is Aviation Sector. Dubai has one of the biggest airport and airline in the world. Even during these days of slowdown in global economy the performance of the Emirate the Airline of Dubai is extremely good. The total number of travel miles and profitability is increasing. The Dubai’s International airport is also performing very well. The number of passengers and number of airline operating and flights operated are increasing every year. The new expansion of airport is going on. This will increase the capacity of the airport to one of the world biggest. Emirates soon will fly highest number A380 the world’s biggest aircraft. The aviation sector directly supports more than 209,000 jobs and indirectly more than that. Aviation sector will directly have more than 300,000 jobs and indirectly more than 350,000 jobs. This sector will continue to perform extremely good.

Retail and Shopping and Event Management is the another shining star of the Dubai’s glittering life. Basically tourism business is woven around the theme of shopping and luxury. There are four major events in Dubai every year. We can say four major shopping festival, along with these festival smartly organized different events, which includes sports, leisure and business. These events are the shopping bonanza for those who like to shop till fall.

This theme will continue to attract tourist and more and more tourist are coming, this will create more and more employment and job opportunities.

Construction is the second biggest sector of Dubai after Hospitality. The boom in real estate more precisely luxury real estate for the rich is the citadel of the Dubai. The second home, luxury residential properties and residency permits for buyers on free hold properties has developed demand for these properties. Dubai build its vast skyline on artificially created island. These ventures have put Dubai ahead of other in creating a unique identity for high end properties. This sector was most affected during financial crisis is started to pick up. It has created huge demand for the construction manpower.

Job Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has oil and gas. It is second biggest producer of oil and gas after Saudi Arabia in GCC. It has one of biggest SWF of the world with the value of more than 600 billion USD to 1trillion USD. The cash rich capital has started to move and diversify its economy. It is building its economy on the diversified sectors which includes travel, tourism, sports and hospitality. The availability of the easy is money is the most important of all advantages Abu Dhabi has. With huge cash surplus Abu Dhabi has built ETIHAD airline, it is challenging not only the local competitors but also the European challengers. The deep pockets of Abu Dhabi helped it to grow fast and become one of fasted growing hub in the world. Abu Dhabi has started to build huge airport and recreational facilities looking at the future demand. It has developed sport complex and other tourist attraction. In the process of diversifying economy it has built Railways, metro network and work is going on connecting all emirates. `

Ajman, Fujairah, Shaarjah, Al Ain and Ras al Khaimah

These are other partners of U.A.E. They are small. RAK has good mineral based industries. It is known for cement factories. Sharjah is for Islamic Tourism. All others support the growth and development of two main drivers of growth. They are very much benefitted from the growth and development of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Career Opportunities in Gulf Countries

· Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi is biggest economy and biggest market as well as biggest country of G.C.C. Saudi is implementing nationalization drive for last more than a year. This program has created more than 300,000 jobs for Saudi’s. This is great success for governments job creation drive. It has another side of story, it has affected many expat jobs. The present drive of the government to increase the participation of locals has substantially slowed down the opportunities for expat.

This is temporary phenomenon still it will take at least two years to streamline the job market of Saudi Arabia. Saudi economy is expanding. It will continue to expand, the high oil prices and new development plan has increased spending by the government has boosted the economy.

Saudi Arabia is presently implementing massive expansion of its economy. Oil and Gas sector will be the primary focus of growth and will create maximum number of opportunities. The second biggest sector will be hospitality. The present expansion of two holy sites wills double its capacity over the period. This will create thousands of jobs up for grabs, both locals and expatriates. The focus of new and diversified economy and housing will be another sector which will create many job opportunities.

The King Abdullah Economic City, Knowledge City Madina , Health Care City, and other industrial expansion plans based on new industrial cities will create huge demand for the new work force. These expansions are mostly Knowledge based so all new employment opportunities will be in the high end of the economy and knowledge based industries which is the focus of new expansion.

· Job opportunities in Qatar

Qatar is the new to club of rich and thriving economies. Qatar is the third biggest producer of gas in the world. This new find of gas and production has given Qatar more than enough surplus to create new thriving economy. It has successfully held Asian games. It will host 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will be great event in the history of the region and Muslim world. This is very big event and Qatar is getting ready for it.

FIFA 2022 is a great opportunity, it will need huge facilities. Qatar will start building and getting ready for the event. It will create huge new infrastructure for the event. Construction sector will have huge opportunity in Qatar.

Hospitality, Travel Tourism and Event Management – will be other sector which will do extremely good over the period. It will create thousands of jobs in years to come. Qatar is working hard in depicting Dubai is diversifying economy and developing vibrant tourism sector. These events have helped Qatar to develop its tourism sector. Qatar is building malls, shopping center and events and yes not to forget free zone and free hold properties. This will create huge jobs in Qatar over time to come.

Knowledge Economy or High End Economy – Qatar is consciously developing knowledge base economy based on research and new venture. Government is putting lot of efforts and money in this sector. This sector will create lot of opportunities for the scholars and researchers.

· Job Opportunities in Kuwait

Kuwait once was known as the Pearl of Gulf. It is still Pearl but lost some luster over the period. Presently only the government project visa is available. Work visa for private sector is closed and for seven countries it is banned. No visa being issued to Pakistanis, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Bangladesh. For last two years the number of expatriate workers in work visa is gone down. Even though economy is growing but because of continuous efforts of government to curb visa trafficking and marginal workers, it has reduced workforce of expatriates. These are very good efforts by the Kuwait government. Kuwait remain one of the best labor laws in G.C.C. countries and also best open and accommodating society. The exploitation is minimal as compared to other.

Kuwait development Plan – This new development plan passed in 2012 and will be executed over 2012 -2016 period. Even though execution is slow the plan is going very smoothly. The major component is the development of new infrastructure, upgrading the existing infrastructure and creating new diversified economy. This plan will have long term impact on Kuwait’s economy.

It has three major projects in Oil and Gas sector. A new refinery will be built, and two clean fuel refineries will be upgraded. This is major project of the Kuwait Development Plan. It will increase Kuwait’s capacity looking at the future demand. The erection and commissioning requires expertise and will create new job opportunities for expats.

The Jaber Bridge and Silk City – This is biggest development in Kuwait in last 50 years. It will develop new Kuwait with diversified economy.

Up gradation of infrastructure and new infrastructure - Kuwait is upgrading all roads, specially the Jahra road Expansion is one of the biggest flyover ever constructed in the world. Almost all roads are getting new look, expansion and new flyovers.

The hospitals and University and schools along with all government buildings are expanding. The government is working on doubling the capacity of hospitals. Government is working on new hospitals and expansion of all old hospitals.

New University campus is under construction. This wills double the capacity of the students.

This development plan is for more than 130 billion USD. It will diversify Kuwait economy from single source oil and gas to other sources. This plan is far 2012 t0 2016 but slow progress shows it may take couple of years more.

Financial Sector and Aviation, Hospitality will play a key role new development plan to diversify economy.

· Job Opportunities in Oman

Even though Oman does not have huge oil and gas still it is a thriving economy. Localization is highest in Oman. It has thriving mines and minerals industry, one of the biggest of the region. It has travel tourism and other performing sector including food. Oman is working on increasing locals participation in each and every activity.

· Job Opportunities in Bahrain

Once it was darling of financial sector and thriving hospitality business. Bahrain lost most of its competence during last three years of political upheavels. The growth and development has stalled and no new projects developed. Most of the big banks transferred their work force to Dubai or Qatar and reduced operations in Bahrain. Bahrain has best regulation for Islamic Finance in the region and developed financial sector. Unfortunately it is severely affected by Arab Spring and political unrest.


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