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FREE Stuff that’s Just That

Updated on December 17, 2014

Seems a World of Opportunity for Shopping!

I recently signed up for a website that was referred to me through an ad. Normally, my job is to just review the sites for legitimacy. But, with this site I couldn’t help but give it a spin. With the Holidays coming up “Christmas” I know lots of misfortunate families are out there hoping for a miracle, and often that miracle never arrives in-time. The site had lots of free offers, merchandise directly from Amazon, shipped directly from Amazon. Sites with direct Amazon association, tend to stand out as legitimate.

Now, upon taking the site for a spin, I noticed that it was point based. But, achieving the points was the easiest thing to do, a little of both boring and fun. As you may have guessed, yes it had to do with taking surveys. The surveys however were often quick, and free to take 10-30 minutes, with points averaging 35-300 or more per survey. Here’s an example of the free merit, for 5000 points you’d get an Amazon Gift card shipped from the Amazon site to your front door. And, it was very legitimate. I got mine after spending a few hours taking surveys on everything from shoes to beer.

The Place that Keeps Giving as Long as You Keep Taking!

The site itself measures up to that of eBay and Listia. For those of you not familiar with Listia, it’s an online trading site. You trade old stuff for new stuff and receive points. The interesting thing about this new site is that you could also switch the feature from earning points, to earning cash. With over 4 million users already, I’m surprised how it passed me right on by!

Using this site to earn points and purchase things like Keyboards, Microwaves, and Gift Cards, basically anything available on Amazon is highly beneficial to those out of work as well. The Gift Cards can be sold online or within stores for cash, or you can use it online to purchase more stuff. The jewelry, now we’re talking Karats! I mean, who does this kind of thing. Well, I can tell you I am not clear on the owner of the actual site, but it is legitimately run, and it beats spending hours of your day watching TV or sleeping in.

The eBay Clone for FREE Stuff!

I wish this particular review I could have gotten around to months ago, but better late than never. I live for helping others out, because at one point I was actually one in need. If you’re in need of something, I’d suggest you check it out. Like every other site there are rules which must be followed, so do your best to stick within them and you should become another satisfied user. I will be posting reviews of other similar sites within the coming week, so be on the lookout for that.

Find out more here!

Points 2 Shop!


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