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Five Ideas to Make More Money from Adsense

Updated on August 31, 2009

One of the main goals of Internet publishers is to have their web pages reaching a large number of viewers. And a way to get this happening is monetizing the content, so that they can afford to publish for more people.

Adsense is the monetization method proposed by Google that has allowed many people to create business around their web sites. With Adsense, on can create a web site that will not only attract users, but also get advertisers practically for free.

With Adsense there his huge potential for profiting from the information that is being presented. For example, Adsense provides the opportunity of writing about products that would rarely being of any direct profit, such as cars, whales, toys, and transform that content into space that can be transfered to more profitable web sites.

Using Adsense, however, is not as easy as adding an HTML tag to your page. You need to understand how the medium works and how to better profit from it. In what follows, I give five tips that can help you to make the change between pages that are not profitable, and highly profitable sites.

Five Adsense Tips

Tip #1: Always place you ads on areas of the page that can be easily seem. One of the big mistakes people make when starting with Adsense is to post advertising on areas that are not easily seem by viewers. Classical examples are adding ads to the end of the page, or to the corners.

Tip #2: Mix your content with ads for better effectiveness: if you want to improve the response to the Ads in your page, make sure that there is a blend between your  content and the ads that Google is serving. For example, you can change the lay out of your pages so that the ads will appear right bellow one of the titles. Also, it is effective to add Adsense blocks between paragraphs in a page. Remember, it is not a matter of confusing users, but making them aware of the Adsense content that is related to your topic.

Tip #3: Use colors that match your background. This is related to the previous topic, in the sense that you want the Adsense block to match with your content. The easiest way to do this is to use background colors that match the background of your content. This way, viewers will feel that the Adsense block is part of your site.

Tip #4: Write content that refers to high paying keywords: if you want to make money with Adsense, you need to target topics that advertisers believe are profitable. When you do this, the ads appearing on your page will be highly targeted and you will be payed more per click. The best way to learn what topics pay better is using the Google External Keyword Tool, which gives all the information you need to determine high-paying keywords and search terms.

Tip #5: Write high quality content. This is related to the previous topic, but it has to do with the fact that you can only attract viewers with good content. If you follow all other tips but have very weak content, viewers will move away as quickly as possible from your page. Instead, you want viewers to keep attached to your website as long as possible. This will increase the chances that they will come back, and eventually click on one of the links in the Adsense blocks in your page. It is just a matter of providing a satisfying user experience, which will keep the attention of your readers for a long time.


Making money with Adsense is not difficult. You just need to understand how the Google network operates, and what are the most important values for advertisers. Once you put the five tips above into practice, you will be in a better position to attract viewers and advertisers to your web page.

If you liked the tips shared above, you probably would be interested in additional information on how to start an online business. You can get many more business on making money online by signing up to this free newsletter. Sign up now and get more information that will increase your online profits.


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