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Generate Targeted Traffic

Updated on August 27, 2010

Generating Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Get traffic to your website

When trying to get good traffic to your site it is first best to stop the foolish efforts you are doing now with buying every ad and piece of software under the sun and start to consider the free methods of achieving this.


This is one of the most important methods of optimising your website for the search engines making it more likely that your site will be visited by search results alone, so make sure your meta tags are correct for your chosen keyword, do not underestimate this step as it is of the up most importance that your website is SEO'ed for your chosen keywords for the search engines.

Submitting to search engines is irrelevant now, what with the process of blogging and building up your back links manually, so try and build a website first and then begin a back link strategy that will build over time and with more authority, you'll see the traffic results soar after around 5-6 months of dedicated web site writing.

Now with the main part out of the way you think that most of the work is over and you don't have to do much, wrong! whilst your sites get listed or ranked and it may take several weeks, you need to be building your backlinks to your sites as I said above, either by articles and the signature line in the author box at the end of your articles, or by link placement and exchange elsewhere on external sites.

Bear in mind that when you do link exchanges you really need sites that link to you that are related to yours and preferrably with the same main keyword as yours, as this will strengthen yours and their sites keyword power, you can always check how many sites link to yours at from the major search engines like google,msn and yahoo.

The page rank of the site that you link to becomes important or later an important factor, but really just concentrate on building backlinks, because a well page ranked site may drop in page rank, so never rely totally on it, but use it more of like an indicator rather than an absolute.

Also participating in forums and discussion boards is a great way of gathering traffic, becasue when you add helpful information and present expert advice to people and then add a link in your signature line, they will be more tempted to click on that link to find out other nuggets of advice or products you may have to help them further.

Be specific be targeted!

Other than all the search engine optimization stuff, you really need to be considering specifics of site keywords and even brand names if applicable, because if you associate the right keywords together with any related brand of product then you are likely to do better at generating traffic to your websites.

When writing product reviews and company or other website reviews, the specific names of these places should be woven into your review content and you should give balanced views of the products to provide a more fair and genuine review, although that isn't a requirement for targeted traffic, but it helps to keep the traffic you already have.


Generating Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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    • chillingbreeze profile image

      chillingbreeze 9 years ago from India

      Nice hub for sure but I feel there can be written much more. Like backlinks through quality contextual link building, traffic through reviews on popular blogs, yahoo answers etc. Looking forward to see more hubs from you :)


    • ads4free profile image

      ads4free 10 years ago from California City

      great hub make more tips

    • TheEntertainer profile image

      TheEntertainer 10 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks for the article...I know that so many people do spend and spend trying to get it all done, and it's never as complicated as it looks.

      I learned one great way to get ranked on google and get some nice organic traffic and that is by utilizing the social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, reddit, stumbleupon etc...Those have helped me enormously.

      I learned a lot from a free resource by ed dale called the 30 day challenge...they teach all about creating quality content and using social bookmarking to get traffic, and it's completely free...never offer to sell you anything...

      I hope that helps too!

      Scott Hoffman

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 10 years ago from Manila

      Nice hub. Very informative and very helpful. Thanks for this.