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Get Website Traffic for Free"

Updated on October 27, 2009

Get Website Traffic for Free - No Way!

Actually it is very possible to get drive website traffic for
free if you know how and the tools to use.
There are various ways of to get website traffic for free and
here we will discuss exactly how.

I am sure you have heard or come across the term, "The Moneys
In The List", and yes it is true,but to have a list you need
subscribers, so how do you get subscribers to add to your
list? Answer TRAFFIC!

Now you could do this by using Adwords which is very quick
and has your add listed almost immediately,but done
incorrectly will cost you a bundle,causing you to loose heart
and wanting to throw in the towel."Yep.been there done that"
as the saying goes.
With free traffic it my take longer,but hey "ITS FREE"

Ok,ok so how do we get website traffic for free?

1) Article Marketing-

This is an effective way to generate traffic to your website
for the following reasons:

a)You receive targeted traffic for your selected keywords (noTyre Kickers)

b)You get multiple links to your website and,

c)Written and submitted correctly can be listed on the 1st or

2nd page of Google.

2) Social Bookmarking-

There has been some criticism with regards to this,but let me
tell you it does work,
There are often pages relating to products or product reviews
which are derived from these sites.In case you are not
aware,these are sites like Squidoo etc and Google loves them
for content and will drive traffic to your
website,remember,it is links to your website which will help
get traffic to your website.

3) Blogs-

These can be review sites,personal sites whatever and Google

has its own which you can join for free

4) Video Marketing-

Surprisingly easier than you think when shown exactly how to

do it,and again very effective,Heard of YouTube,not the only
site where to get links traffic from

5) Press Releases-

Once again surprisingly easier than you think when shown how.

I could go on and on but there way too much to cover here,
If you are truly interested in founding out how, READ ON HERE


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