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Getting a Job in 30 Days: Sixteen Important Ways One Can Follow

Updated on January 5, 2016

Getting a job is becoming harder day by day. As days are passing and world is being modernized every day, the competition in the job market is also on the rise. In such a hectic scenario, if somebody tells you that you can get a job in just one month, you must think whether that person is joking or gone mad. But this is true whether you believe it or not. Before going into how you can do this first we will highlight a few important things. Always remember that if you are not getting job than the main reason is that you are not doing everything properly. Whether it is your CV or failure in interview or anything else; the fault is yours. Also another common fault that most of us make is to apply to every available job. If ten required skills are mentioned and we just have one, we don’t hesitate to apply. This is totally wrong. Maybe the job mainly revolves around a skill which you don’t have. That’s why you are not getting the desired call. So brush up the skills so that you can bag the ultimate opportunity. If you can sort out the jobs perfectly matching your skills and apply in the appropriate manner then you will have good chances of being hired within 30 days. Now we will discuss the steps that will help you to get a job in one month.

Good posture, a cheerful behavior, eye contact and a steady handshake will help you to go a long way in an interview and get the job.
Good posture, a cheerful behavior, eye contact and a steady handshake will help you to go a long way in an interview and get the job.

1. A Positive Environment

First of all you will need to think about the environment where you are fully comfortable in working. If you are a beginner, then you may go into any small company or star-up ones. Consider each and every point before you take the final decision. If the environment suits you completely, then you can deice to work in that company.

2. Know the Company Details

Everyone has some dream company. If you have any such in mind, you must know the company details thoroughly. Know about the startup year of the company, what notable products and services the company has offered till now. Have thorough knowledge about the company principles and also have an estimate on whether you have good prospectus with the company in future. If everything is in accordance with your requirements, then you can use this information in interview by using company’s core belief in answers.

3. Sort Out the Skills

If you are already doing a job and looking for a new one, figure out your resources like your skills, experience etc. Also make a list of your connections. Many times it happens that you are applying into a job and any of your classmates or ex co-workers are already in that company. In that case their recommendation for you can help you get the job easily. Another important thing that you must not forget is the recommendation letter of the current company you are working on. The recommendation letter can be a big tool as there will be the mention of your different praises by the company.

4. Prepare CV According To the Job

Your resume or CV is always important. Before applying to any particular job, just check out whether you have most of the skills required for the job. Everyone make a CV when they are in the final year of their graduation. If you have such a resume, make changes in it and update according to the job requirements. Highlight your strongest skills the most. Thus your resume will be boosted and your chances of getting call will be increased. This will make your 30 day mark a lot easier.

5. Keep Track of Applied Companies in Excel Spreadsheet

Keeping notes of the companies where you have already applied or want to apply is very important in this 30 day goal. If you have been rejected in any job you applied, note it down and also the reason for your rejection. Using a excel spreadsheet for this purpose will be a very convenient one.

6. Develop a Good Social Media Networking

Internet has made this large world a small one. And with social media you can connect to people more easily than ever. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. you can connect to the professionals of the company you have applied easily. With a systematic approach before and after the interview, you can increase your chances of being hired drastically. For that you must develop some crucial networking skills so that you can grab the opportunity at the right time. By doing so, you are very much likely to be hired in 30 days.

7. Make Your CV A Good One by Inserting Cover Letter

Everything has a beauty within the whole thing. In case of CV, the cover letter has that beauty. Most of the applications do not include a cover letter. That’s why most of the applicants get unnoticed. Most experts suggest that you can win 50 percent of the battle by simply writing down a great and effective cover letter. In cover letter, you don’t need to write each and every minute detail. Just mention the important skills and special qualities you have. For example you worked in sales department in a company and applied to new job. Just mention that how much the revenue increased rather than writing down your role in the sales section. Thus you can make the officials understand your credential in few words which will strike their thinking.

How to Write a Good CV

8. Good Interview Performance

Now come to the most important part- interview performance. Yeah, it is critical. But this is the best chance to display your skills and grab the 30 day opportunity. Just have a thorough study about the post where you have applied and work accordingly. If the post is for a technical person, mention in your cover letter your technical skills in a way that the company gets convinced that they can earn more by utilizing your technical skills. Once you have received the call, go to the interview and describe the interviewer about how you can use your skills to increase the earnings. If you can highlight your importance in the revenue increase through your skills, then your chances of being hired will increase and you will be there within 30 days!

9. Warming Up For the Main Interview

Be prepared as much as possible for the interview. Very less people get jobs in their very first interview. For that you will need to develop an effective communication skill and develop the habit of speaking fluently in front of people. Before going to the interview, gather your kith and keens and practice in front of them so that you can perform the same in the interview board. This should be done multiple times and be started a few days before the interview. Once you become flexible by this warm up, you can expect to give your best in front of the employers.

10. Answering Questions Effectively In the Interview Board

Be prepared to face any kind of question in the interview board. Normally there are some common types of questions- you will be asked about yourself, why did you apply for the job, what can you do the for the company’s betterment, where do you see yourself in the next few years etc. Also there will be some technical and human resource questions. So prepare yourself accordingly so that you can get yourself in within a month.

11. Good Storytelling Skills Can Be Effective At the Interview

If you have good storytelling skills, it can be pretty helpful for you in the interview board. By storytelling, you can easily make the interviewers understand how you will handle different kinds of situation in the job if you are hired. This kind of practical speech can easily draw the attention of the interviewers.

12. Developing Certain Skills before the Interview

As said before, it is very much possible that you will not have all the skills mentioned in the details of a job where you have applied. If some of these skills are such that you can acquire it in short time before the interview then try your best to do so. By doing so, you will add one more skill in your expertise which may open the door to get hired in many good jobs in future.

13. Prepare Yourself in Good Looks for the Interview

Looks matter in most cases. The same is applicable for interview clothes. Your appearance creates an initial impression on the interviewers. If they have a good impression by just seeing you, there are chances that you will face up an easy interview and chances of getting hired will increase. Dress yourself the best possible way before going for the job interview. After all it is a special day and your getup should be special.

14. Give a Thank You Note after the Interview

Thanking anybody is the expression of a special gesture. So apply this in the interview board. Once the interview is over, just give the interviewers a thank you note. This will make the interviewers fell that you have good courtesy which in itself will increase your chances.

15. Do a Follow Up After the Interview

Follow up is always important in any kind of work. The same is applicable in this case also. Most applicants have the thinking that it’s up to the company to let them know. It is indeed the case. But there is nothing wrong in asking the interviewer about the time duration when you can expect their answer. Make yourself ready to call them after that time duration. This will show your eagerness about the job and your chances of being hired will increase even to some slight extent.

16. Never Criticize Any Previous Employer

Last but not the least never ever tell something bad about any previous employer if you have ever done a job before. This will hurt your chances of getting job very badly. The interviewers might think that you will do the same with them.

Many things have been mentioned here. For getting yourself hired in 30 days, you will need to do things more or less. If you can effectively and successfully do these things, you can hope a 30 day appointment. So after reading this post, you should not waste your time. Just get up and start the proceedings.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      These are good tips. I find particularly that the thank you note sets a person apart. Knowing the interviewers' names is important, so write them down.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips!


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