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Casper, Wyoming Grows with Pioneering Spirit

Updated on June 2, 2015

Casper - Central Wyoming

Casper Wyoming, home of Native Americans and Pioneers.
Casper Wyoming, home of Native Americans and Pioneers. | Source

In the 21st century, the Greater Casper Area economy is largely supported by Retail and Manufacturing Industries. Financial Products and Insurance are the next largest contributors to the area wealth, with Professions and Technologies coming next.

Transportation, Finance, and Insurance

Natrano County and Casper have a history rich in pioneering spirit and Native American culture. The South American group Alborada Tanaka (White Bison) has performed in the area as a tribute to that Wyoming culture.

A moving video performance in Casper is offered in this article below. along with much interesting information about the town and its high paying jobs. For Additional information and job listings on high demand occupations in Casper, please see Top 10 Hot Jobs In Casper WY with its employment projections and occupational opportunities.

The sacred White Bison appears on the Wyoming State Flag.
The sacred White Bison appears on the Wyoming State Flag. | Source

An Action-Adventure City

Casper City in Natrano County WY is located on Wyoming's North Platte River adjacent to the Laramie Mountain range.

The city began as a ferry point across the river and later enjoyed advancing commerce with the building of American railroad lines in town.

During the year 1859, a man named Guinard constructed a trading post, stagecoach/Pony express stop, and bridge at the former Mormon Pioneer Company crossing on the the North Platte. He was quite industrious and began the increasing growth of the local economy by providing transportation and mail facilities of this nature.

A few years later, oil was discovered in Casper in 1890, after people were attracted westward by the Gold Rush of the 1840s, the stage coach trade, and the railroad activity.

In the late 2000s, Casper was recognized as Number Three of the Top 25 Best Small Cities for Jobs and Business in America by financial magazines and associated research institutions.

Tourism is also a contributor to the local economy, with families and individuals arriving to tour Fort Casper, names after a US Army Lieutenant that died in a battle with Native Americans in the area.

Casper, Wyoming In the Old West

Outdoor Activities for All

Fort Laramie - US Army Fort and Native American installations,

Independence Rock,

Buffalo Bill Historical Center Museum,

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center.

Sports: camping, fishing, golf courses, hiking, ice skating venues, mountain biking, running, snowmobiling, swimming, water skiing.

Major Colleges and Universities

  • University of Wyoming
  • University of Wyoming Family Medicine College - Nursing and other medical programs. The Medical Residency Program is recognized nationwide as outstanding.
  • Casper Community College: Link provided to jobs.

Capser College

Casper College is a public community college that enrolls 4,000+ full- and part-time students every year.  It was founded in 1945 in the Natrona County High School. The modern campus was built in the 1950s, including three dozen well maintained buildings.  The college is fully accredited by 10 national accrediting agencies. The school offers programs for over 50 associate degrees  and 30 one-year certificates in the fields of  Business,  Health, Fine Arts, Language & Literature, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Trades & Technology, Distance Education, Ongoing professional development programs.

Casper College has written successful agreements with 15 accredited universities to smooth the way for its students to continue past the 2-year degree and complete the bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees on its own Community College campus, which is a unique arrangement. The University of Wyoming is co-located for success at Casper College.  

A Promo Look at Casper

The Seven Wonders of Casper, Wyoming

  1. Look Out Mountain: On Casper Mountain Road.
  2. Gravity Hill: This has been on many TV shows offering Stange Places in America. it has appeared onshows with UFO stories as well. As you drive down Casper Mountain, veer toward the Falls. At a large tree by the road, stop the car and put ther tranny in neutral - the car will move uphill on its own!.
  3. Egg Beater Illusion: Under the Wells Fargo Tower in Downtown Casper. Stand underneath look up and spin yourself n a circle. It will give the impression of being in an Egg Beater.
  4. The Echo Chamber: In the local Library parking lot. Stand in the middle of the stone circle, speak, and hear you echo - but others outside the circle can't hear it.
  5. A Hidden Clock: In the 1st Interstate Parking Garage downtown on the Level 3 deck. (see the video below)
  6. The Spiral Staircase: In an urban alley behind Toy Town. it leads nowhere but is interesting to view as urban art.
  7. The Car Light: On Sun Drive off 2nd Street a "car" light shows that you have tripped the stop light system to change colors. There is one also in Worthington Ohio, but few around the US.

A Rockin Look at the 7 Wonders of Casper

Other Features

  • Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo - annually
  • College Nationals Rodeo Championships and Fair - annually
  • Cross Country Skiing in Casper and Alpine Skiing in Big Horn WY
  • Casper Troopers Drum & Bugle Corp
  • Edness K. Wilkins State Park
  • Fort Casper Museum
  • For Spectators - Pro Sports: The Caper Rockies and the Casper Ghosts minor league baseball and the Wyoming Cavalry [AIFA: American Indoor Football Association]
  • Oregon Trail – National Historic Site used for hiking and cross country skiing.
  • Wyoming Symphony Orchestra - Concerts all year long.

In addition to the described industries that have seen surges of expansion in the Casper Area, advertised Truck Driving jobs have increased greatly for those having a CDL or who are Owner-Operators. The Trucking Industry began to surge in 2014 across the USA.

Fastest Growing Industry Sectors

The most lucrative and vigorous long-term business needs, or high demand occupations, in the Greater Casper Area include

  • Professional and Business Services
  • Financial Products and Services
  • Energy Production - the "all of the above" energy philosophy, with a focus on new alternative energy sources to enhance sustainability countywide.
  • Healthcare Services
  • Tourism, Retail, Hospitality, Accommodations, Sports/Entertainment
  • Education - Teachers are recruited occasionally from USA and Canada at higher wages to decrease staff shortages.


Casper WY is home to nearly 60 different successful Insurance and Financial Services agencies. Many of them will provide at no charge; auto insurance quotes, life insurance quotes, homeowners insurance quotes and several others.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs

  1. Business and Financial Products & Services
  2. Retail Salespersons, Supervisors, and Sales Representatives
  3. Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Vocational Nurses - includes high-paid Travel Nurses that receive up to one year of rent/mortgage payments, free transportation and other extra benefits.
  4. Managers - all levels, in a variety of industries.
  5. Medical and Executive Secretaries
  6. Food & Beverage Prep and Service, including chefs, supervisors, managers and wait staff
  7. Teachers and Teachers' Assistants in 1) K-12 and 2) Postsecondary (higher wages)
  8. Energy Engineers and Technicians - includes enviromental engineering.
  9. Transportation Engineers & Equipment Engineers
  10. Health and clerical adjunct and support staff

Many of these occupations require education beyond the high school years, some requiring board examination and licensure as well.

Select employers sponsor ongoing professional development and help by offering reimbursement of university and college fees. This benefit is especially true in medical and healthcare related jobs.

Largest Employers in Natrano County

  1. Natrona County School District Number One
  2. Wyoming Medical Center
  3. Key Energy - Energy Production
  4. TIC: The Industrial Company - Industrial Builders
  5. City of Casper - Government
  6. JW Williams - Energy, in Oil & Gas
  7. Casper College - Education

© 2008 Patty Inglish


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