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How Can I Make More Possbile

Updated on February 6, 2011
All trademarks belong to the original owner
All trademarks belong to the original owner

I think tag-lines are fun!

I think writing tag-lines is more fun!

I think trying to make sure your entire organization embodies and works that tag line is funniest of all.
So, a tribute to the great marketers of our age (some older, some younger) I decided to use brand taglines to think of some personal success ideas.

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Success Tips to Make More Possible

ABN AMRO use the tag-line to describe how they and their employees do so much more. Including more funds, loans, houses, happiness and even for the environment.

Here are some personal success tips based on this tag-line:

- Make More Money

One of the important modes to financial independence is passive income. Income that you do not need to work for everyday.

Your job is active income. you stop working, you stop getting paid. Assets bring passive income - property, intellectual rights, books, etc. These bring you money year after year after year. Do you have any passive income? If you dont maybe it is time to think about it.
Passive income takes time and effort to generate and generally does have any quick fix solutions.

Maybe you should think about what is it that you can do to generate such a resource?

- Make More Possible For Your Clients
Stop stiffing them. for a change give them more than they asked for. provide more in the same. just do it and see the response.

Simple grocers know this. They always weigh a little more on the side of the customer.

- Make More Time for your family
Make more possible. come on. you know that if your boss asked you for a sunday morning walk you wold oblidge as you would he wanted to hold the next off-site in children's park. so think that is what it is and go. make more possible for your children, for your family.

- Creativity
use the tagline to motivate you to think creatively about your projects. whatevery you are doing, can you make more possible?

Happy Successing,

Prabhjot Bedi

Personal Success Coach


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