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How I Built My Online Empire - Week 3

Updated on August 23, 2011


I have decided to add one article a day on my website to bring it up to 25 pages. Each article will focus on a single most important buyer keyword.

About Keywords, I have realized that words in a keyword can be separated to make a not so obvious longer phrase.

Example: If we take this kw: “buy growth hormone supplements” it can be transformed into “before buying HGH or ordering growth hormone supplements online”. This technique, that was around forever and I did not know about it, works well when you are trying to lower the keyword density, or put it in a title or just make your kw sound and look better.

I just checked how many pages of my website are indexed in google. 10 pages out of 15 were indexed. This happened in about 15 days, so I don’t know if this was a quick or slow index of my pages.

IMPORTANT: I found a way to get .edu links, related to my niche, to my website for free. Those links come from health related .edu forums. I think that is something I should be celebrating. The problem was that people used to backlink to their website from .edu pages that were completely out of the area of interest of that particular site. For example links from a technology .edu site to a health related websites are odd and google will punish you for that.

And BTW, links are do-follow (2 so far).


One of .edu links is not going to make it. It awaits approval from moderator, and he was last seen in 2010…

I have been studying the competitor’s websites and I found one that I really liked. So now I am completely redesigning the home page of my site. Not graphically but textually.

I have created a sub-domain for a buyer keyword. It is based on a letter omission of the main product name. When I typed it in google the top 8 results were religious sites and only one was related to growth hormone. I thought to give it a try, maybe it will work. I made this sub-domain basically an order the product page.

Ezinearticles pissed me off. Their editorial guidelines are simply ridiculous sometimes, and the worst part is that you have to wait 7-10 days until they get to your article and if they find anything that you must correct or change, you have to wait another week or so until they revise it again. I have an article that has been waiting for 3 weeks…I know you think that you must provide quality content and so, well my article had quality except it was on a topic that had difficult terminology and they said those are grammar errors.

No more ezinearticles.


Worked the entire day redesigning the home page. It looks so much better and easy to read.

Two more writers are preparing test articles applying for the job. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have posted job openings for Copywriters in a European country. They might not have the English language skills of a native English speaker but they are pretty good, in fact I have seen natives making mistakes that I foreigner will never make. Anyway, I still have to edit their articles to be sure the content is not copied from somewhere and also populate it with keywords. It takes me about 15 minutes to work on an article sent by them, so I think it will work out well.

WOW…I am puzzled…some said that searching for keywords in quotes is good, others bring arguments that it is a waste of time…I really don’t know what to do…I am thinking that I might have entered an over competitive niche…

Also found a strange thing that confused me even more: I googled a term and it returned 2500 results (pages that have that term in their content)…but there were only 2 pages on google with sites for that term. Then I click on page 3 and it tells me that they omitted some results that seemed the same. I said show me those similar results…boom…there were 4780 results now…wait it gets better…I click on page 4 and boom…there are ONLY 34 results for that term!!! (if you want to have fun Google this keyword: gen20f plus without quotes and tell me if I am insane or google is playing with people)

15 sites and 2500 results…what in the world is that? I realized that it must be the number of times this term was used on ALL the pages of those 15 websites….do you understand how misguiding is everything I thought I knew about google/keyword tools/seo…?

So when sometimes I see millions of results…maybe there are just a handful…I will research that and let you know…but…it is very disappointing…A word of advice…do not buy any keyword tools or keyword finding services until you can understand what it that they do…how they collect the information…and so on…

I am done for today…hope tomorrow will be a better day!


I have found a couple of marketing techniques that I tested. And I am impressed so far. I have made a lens on squidoo and it got indexed in 3 hours and it is on the 4th page already.

This was a test, but when I have more data I will let you know. If you ask why squidoo and not hubpages, well, the technique requires some tricks that only work on squidoo. But I have posted a hub on exactly same topic/title/keyword as on squidoo.

Decided to let my website “simmer”…

Today I found a free book that teaches you how to get ezinearticles platinum membership. Again EZA, I was pissed off on them, but now I like them again, especially after reading this book. Platinum membership allows you to have your articles on EZA published in about 48 hours.

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

I was sick as a dog and did not do much…other than reading about different marketing methods…

I found an old cool script that lets you see how many views any articles on ezinearticles had. But it was from 2009 and it did not work. I played with it a little and now it does work very fine.

You give it a keyword and set up parameters like, date posted, minimum number of views and it return those results in google’s searches. Very easy and powerful for identifying new hot topics.

If you need it, just leave a comment or send me a message and I will give it to you. I am not collecting email addresses, don’t worry.

See who's your competition!

I've learnt a neat trick on how to actually see the real competition for an exact keyword that optimized their website or webpage for it. It has nothing to do with quotes in google.

It is about intitle and inanchor command with quotes!!!


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