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How Much Can You Earn Through Blogging?

Updated on August 25, 2011

How much have I earned since my last payment?

I almost missed out on my HubPages 30-day challenge since it's already 2:30 in the morning. But hey, since my body clock is so weird anyways I guess this is still part of my day. Plus, the HubPages hours is based on US time anyways so technically I really still made it.

Since my first entry for the 30-day challenge was how I got into blogging, I figured it would be fitting, for the second post, for me to talk about how much I am currently making through blogging and how many page views I get.

Above is a screenshot of my earnings, traffic, and clicks I get on ads since my last Google AdSense Payment. I got it at the end of June. But technically for the whole month of June, the pageviews will just get carried over to my next payment because that's how long it takes for Google to process their payments. So as you can see I've had over 72,000 page impressions (that's what Google calls unique views on the ads) so that's 35,000 views a month. And that's not even all because HubPages has a 60/40 cut when it comes to ad placement and views so if you look at the screenshot of my stats for HubPages views below you'll see that on a good day I'd usually get around 2000 views.

Quite overwhelming, huh? It's somewhat unbelievable that I'm getting that much views and it's a testament to my skills of driving traffic into the articles I write.

People wouldn't really believe me when I say how many views I get and screenshots are all I have to prove it. I wish Google can send me like a some sort of certified true copy of my pageviews or some sort of certificate haha. When people ask me in person I just say that I get 5 to 10k views a month just to make it more believable but even that value is already so overwhelming for some.

Some may even find such an achievement as discouraging because it takes that much pageviews to get such little earnings I'm getting. But that's why I'm really working hard, researching and studying every day, and forcing my brain to produce ideas always because this is just a small fraction of the goals I've set for myself.

I think I've been so used to discouragement and non-believers that it's even something I've expected. It's somewhat reminiscent of Nietzsche's portrayal of the prophet Zarathustra (hahaha as if) or Ron Paul becoming the 13th floor of a hotel. It's always a difficult job to challenge the status quo.

Screenshot of my HubPages traffic
Screenshot of my HubPages traffic

How does one get that much views?

It's funny how in my article about making money on HubPages even with few articles, I was already happily bragging reaching ten dollars! Looking back I see how much I've developed and need to develop more. I remember people will laugh and shrug off the concept of me finally accumulating a bunch of pennies in my AdSense account. All I had was cents for so long but now I'm getting way more than that and I am determined to multiply that a thousandfold. I guess it's always part of success stories to remember these kinds of things.

It's really all so dependent on Search Engine Optimization more than anything. It's interesting how my top hubs that make me money are so badly written and I'm so wary of editing them because of how it might affect their rankings. It's all about having the right keywords. It's funny how I'm not even thinking of that right now and all I'm caring about is writing something quality and providing some sort of helpful advice. It's what everyone's been saying to do to address the Google Panda issue.

I guess I'm going to have to cut it short today being that it's already so late and I have to sleep. Just be sure to come back for more because this 30-day challenge thing makes sure that within 24 hours you'll get another interesting article that you might find helpful. Thanks for checking this out. I hope you have a nice day.


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